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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The economy is in your hands

The U.S. economy is in citizens hands as they contemplate two things:

1. Which political party they want to lead the government.

2. Which candidate they chose to lead the government.

The first choice has several parts: Who do Americans want to lead the Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives? If you feel insecure about the economy today, just look around as the sources of progress and the sources of problems. Tell me what you see?

The greatest opportunity for the America to break away to form a new and vibrant economy will come from leaders that make a sustainable economic performance for all citizens the top priority. Economic sustainability results from a new energy paradigm based on renewable energy replacing fossil fuels as rapidly as it is technologically feasible.

New technology development in renewable energy production, storage and distribution will transform how Americans live, work, and move around. It will require all new products ranging from homes and appliances to transportation, and community designs. That is what should be inspiring geniuses to get to work in invention and innovation. The capital needed to do that is held too tightly by prospective investors. They need stimulation to place some bets.

If what you hear from political leaders is all about fossil fuels, they missed the point completely.

One loyal reader feels that the American economy is ready to tank. It will not if the next president and congress are on the same page to transform to a new energy paradigm.

That sounds like a long shot, because there isn't much creativity coming forth from anyone today.

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