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Monday, June 13, 2016

Appropriate Response to Orlando Massacre

What should America do about the nation's shooting massacre problem?

The American-born shooter, Omar Mateen, is apparently a radicalized Islamic extremist who is aligned with ISIS. Raised by Afghan immigrants as a Muslim, he emerged as an individual as a racist and with documented violent behavior. Police and the FBI were aware of his danger to the extent of having conducted at least two investigations. His parents intervened once to rescue his wife from their son's brutality.

Mateen's violent behavior is not supported by their faith, according to spokespersons for a community of Muslims in Orlando.

  1. What prevented law enforcement from intervening more aggressively in the investigation?
  2. What actions are available to law enforcement to address individuals with a propensity for committing violent acts?
  3. How did Omar Mateen obtain the AR15 automatic rifle and ammunition when his profile should have prohibited his acquiring them?
  4. How did the ISIS, Islamic extremism factor operate in this circumstance?
  5. How did anti-gay bigotry operate in this circumstance?

From reading the reports, the community of people who worked with Omar Mateen was certainly aware of his propensity for violence, racism, bigotry, and radicalism.  Apparently, what happened here is that the community, his parents, and social services, and law enforcement that is government failed to protect society against this individual with violent behavior.

To this analyst, Islamic extremism is only one factor, and with all of the other evidence is an incidental trigger. For politicians such as Donald Trump, to extrapolate and exploit the incident to something greater is incorrect.

There is also the question of immigration policy. Our nation permits immigration from countries in which we are engaged militarily and from which citizens there are endangered and some of which have acted in support of our troops. They have been allowed to enter America by legal means.

Immigration policy remains an open issue for which the U.S. Congress has failed to act, even when one party controls both chambers.

U.S. Congress has failed to act appropriately


  1. U.S. Congress has failed to act appropriately

  2. Appropriate response: