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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

GOP on course to demonstrate inability to govern

The U.S. Congress looks more and more like a combat zone.

The news from Congress is that the House and Senate are marching in different directions to complete the government funding legislation. As a consequence, the best that one might hope for is stop-gap continuing resolutions to keep the government afloat. Then again, a shutdown looms as a possibility, something that the all-Republican Congress has promised won't happen again.

Jim Dyer, who served 13 years as the Republican staff director and clerk of the House Appropriations Committee:

““You have this basic division, and the division is: Do you want to move appropriations bills and run the government, or do you want to make a series of ideological statements that may not be popular with the majority of the Congress? And that’s the call you make up there,” he said.”

The GOP is run by radicals and outliers whose penchant for being uncooperative and uncollaborative is simply unacceptable in a pluralistic democratic republic such as ours. Collaboration and consensus-building are essential qualities for serving in the U.S. government in both the legislative and executive branches. We have gotten away from that, and American voters must solve that problem.

They aren't cutting it.

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