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Monday, June 13, 2016

Needed is an FBI that is predictive

The FBI is copiously analyzing what happened in Orlando. However, they must not be permitted to become victims of paralysis by analysis as they used to call it. That is overanalyzing and missing the requirement to become more predictive and less reactive.

"The FBI closed out that probe in May 2014 after Mateen, during the course of two FBI interviews, told agents he had made those statements “in anger” because he thought his co-workers were discriminating against him and were “teasing him because he was a Muslim,” Comey said. 
Comey revealed those details — as well as evidence uncovered during a second aborted FBI probe of Mateen that took place just a few months later — during the course of a news conference at bureau headquarters. He told reporters that the FBI’s investigation has uncovered “strong indications” that Mateen had become radicalized and potentially inspired by foreign terrorist groups. 
But, he added, “so far, we see no indication that this was a plot directed from outside the United States, and we see no indication he was part of a network.” 
And, Comey emphasized, the investigation is far from over. “We are going through the killer’s life, especially his electronics, to understand as much as we can about his path and whether there was anyone else involved, either in directing him or in assisting him.”

The question of whether or not someone outside the U.S. influenced Omar Mateen to commit the Orlando massacre is relevant. However, more valuable is learning why the FBI failed to use the information that it clearly had about him to work with law enforcement to prevent his criminal act of terrorism.

Citizens expect the FBI and National Security Agency to be predictive and to accurately anticipate harmful circumstances such that they can be stopped before they happen.

The current pattern of agency analysis isn't improving performance one bit.

The question is, what do presidential candidates believe can be done to improve the predictive management capabilities of agencies such as the FBI and CIA as well as Homeland Security?

President Obama and FBI Director, James Comey

Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

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