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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trump declared war on America

This week, even Joe Scarborough has said that Trump should be disqualified from running for president.

After reading a story from The Hill today that said Trump pulled press credentials from the Washington Post in retaliation for a story that he didn't like, the act punctuates that Trump is at war with America.

"The Trump campaign revoked press credentials for The Washington Post on Monday, initially objecting to a headline regarding remarks he made about President Obama and the mass shooting in Orlando."

The press is free as I am as an independent journalist to tell it like it is. How many different ways has Donald Trump declared war on America? Here is a list.

  1. Attacking the press and free speech
  2. Attacking women
  3. Attacking minorities of all kinds
  4. Attacking freedom of and from religion
  5. Deriding government by the people
  6. Seeking to impose his dictatorial style of leadership in a pluralistic democratic republic

Do you want proof?

“Trump launches all-out attack on the press
By Jeremy Diamond, CNN
Updated 5:14 AM ET, Wed June 1, 2016 
New York (CNN)Donald Trump on Tuesday went on a sustained frontal assault against the media during a contentious news conference. 
The billionaire had called the news conference to announce an accounting of his at least $5.6 million in fundraising for veterans groups, but spent most of the 40 minutes criticizing and insulting reporters -- collectively and at times individually -- as "dishonest," "not good people," sleazy, and among the worst human beings he has ever met.”

“Donald Trump: How He's Used Twitter to Attack Women
By SUMMER FIELDS Aug 8, 2015, 2:40 PM ET 
In one of many memorable Donald Trump moments at Thursday's first GOP debate, moderator Megyn Kelly honed in on the presidential candidate for the disparaging comments he’s made about women on Twitter. 
"You've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, snobs and disgusting animals," she said. 
“Only Rosie O’Donnell,” the real estate giant interjected with a smirk, unleashing a burst of raucous laughter from the crowd. He later cited his impatience for "political correctness" as justification for his many remarks.”

“Trump Trashes Religious Freedom
By ROD DREHER • December 7, 2015, 7:17 PM 
This is disgusting. I believe that it is reasonable to be restrictive about Islamic immigration to the US, and I despise the way the mainstream media has always gone out of its way to avert its eyes from domestic Islamic radicalism. But there is nothing reasonable about banning travel to the US on the basis of religion. What kind of respect does Trump have for religious freedom? It’s a relief to know that should Trump become president and try to implement such a plan, the Supreme Court would shoot it down in a heartbeat. Still, that a leading presidential candidate would take such a stand is profoundly disturbing.”

Not for America.

Image from The American Conservative

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