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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Why Hillary and not Bernie

Having written a book, How to Select an American President by James A. George, (c) 2016 All Rights Reserved, I researched extensively to understand what it takes to be an effective president of the United States in these times of great challenge. To be commander-in-chief in a democratic, pluralistic society like America, it takes persons with superior qualifications and credentials to manage a very large and complex public enterprise that is the U.S. federal government.

Being a dictator doesn't cut it. Being a racist and bigot won't cut it either.

Bernie Sanders possesses some very good ideas and values that should be embraced and incorporated into the Democratic platform. However, a small town mayor and Senator whose life has been politically misaligned require compromise and collaboration. Sanders has not demonstrated the collaborative behavior necessary to govern.

One of the most important first tasks is for the incumbent to form and staff the cabinet with people who can manage the bureaucracy while engaging Congress to get essential work accomplished. The new president must restore functionality to the government, and that means bipartisanship.

Clinton is tough enough and sufficiently skilled and experienced to get the job done, whereas, Bernie just has some good ideas.

“AP: Clinton secures delegates needed for the nomination.”

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