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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Deeply disturbing nation

One by one, some individual states have attempted to block segments of the population from voting as explicit acts of discrimination. Some have resisted accepting the equality of gays, lesbians, bisexual, and transgender persons. Some have sought to restrict same-sex couples from having equal rights as other married couples. Some states seek to roll back civil rights legislation. In these instances, the citizens of the states must be held accountable for actions that the courts have deemed illegal and unConstitutional.  

Who are the people and the political party behind these acts? They are Republicans. Somehow, Americans appear to have lost their way in many places. They have allowed Constitutional values and rights to be undermined.

America has seen these conditions before as our history has some very ugly and turbulent times in which our Constitution has exceeded the citizens' capacity to protect it.

The mere presence of Donald Trump at the head of the Republican Party is a threat to our national integrity as is his party sponsor.

Our national integrity is also threatened by the Democratic Party's handling of Bernie Sanders as indicated by leaks. The leaks themselves, having apparently come from Russian hackers is a threat as well as Donald Trump calling for more.

These are very dangerous times in my country.

"North Carolina Voter ID Law Targeted African-Americans, Appeals Court Rules
The court struck down the law, calling it “one of the largest restrictions of the franchise in modern North Carolina history.” 
 07/29/2016 12:56 pm ET | Updated 19 hours ago
 Julia Harte & Andy Sullivan"

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