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Friday, August 26, 2016

Virtually nothing Hillary did is worse than Trump

The Clintons set about with a foundation to do good deeds and noble purpose work. They solicited contributions with much success, leveraging their positions as former President and First Lady. The relationship between Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State while her husband and daughter were engaged in the "foundation" created potential conflicts of interest. The operation was above board and regulated. The benefit to recipients in need far outweighed indiscretion.

Contrast that with the billionaire, Donald Trump, whose business model left communities, suppliers, and taxpayers holding the bag for his failures. Trump's business model is to game the system and win. Surely he and his family benefited from that with tiny trickling down to people who need it.

Donald Trump to this moment exclaims that his policies and actions have not been bigoted. History proves otherwise. Now, he attempts to paint Mrs. Clinton with the same brush that he uses to spread bigotry and hate through his actions and deeds.

Americans need to turn off the spigot on this hateful and unAmerican candidate. These are the times that try men's souls, and for unenlightened men, their souls will be fried by women at the polls.

Screen capture from CNN

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