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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What does it mean to broaden Trump appeal?

The news is that Donald Trump must broaden his appeal to become more competitive. He can't bank on WikeLeaks and the trickle of Hillary emails to bring her down. The essence from leakage is that politics contains a dynamic of quid pro quo, money for favors. There are slick and legal ways to do that. There are regulated lobbyists, and there are private foundations. No matter how it is accomplished, it happens because that is life?

What if Donald Trump convinced more Americans to be like him or to like him simply more and vote for his presidency?

  • Americans would have to become more bigoted.
  • American would have to be more resentful of immigrants.
  • Americans would have to be less compassionate.
  • Americans would have to surrender their allegiance to an autocrat.
  • Americans would have to be less respectful of women.
  • Americans would have to be less trustworthy to allied nations.
  • Americans would have to break treaties.
  • Americans would have to become less American.

What is the likelihood of that?

Trump America, Outsourced

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