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Monday, January 23, 2017

Authoritarian leader is upon us

A most trusted source for foreign policy and national security information described  President Donald Trump's appearance at the CIA as being a "rambling performance." It was that and worse. Trump makes every subject about himself. That is, he is a narcissist, among other things.

Donald Trump and his staff spout lies as if this is a usual routine. It is not. Trump attacks the free press that is unacceptable. For all of the mouthing off from Donald Trump, there is little actionable substance about things that matter most. That is the implied charge in the Foreign Policy report today.

"Foreign Policy 
By Paul McLeary with Adam Rawnsley 
Out of the gate. It was quite a weekend in Washington D.C. Things kicked off with the pomp and circumstance of a presidential inauguration and continued with half a million people loudly protesting said inauguration in the streets of the capital. The protests were met with a rambling performance by President-elect Donald Trump at CIA headquarters where he free-associated about the size of his crowds and told the intel community he is “at war” with the media, while White House press secretary Sean Spicer spouted a list of falsehoods from the podium about the size of the inaugural crowd. 
The Islamic State? Homeland security? Iraq? Syria? Afghanistan? Libya? Russia? China? North Korea? Gitmo? Nuclear proliferation? NATO? Looming budget battles? Nowhere to be found in the reality TV-like first 48 hours."
Foreign Policy, Situation Report

Stop him

Note: There is no intention here to advocate violence or to overthrow the government. The only path to resistance is through due process and the law.

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