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Monday, January 30, 2017

Neo-Nazis in the Whitehouse

Donald Trump's embracing and promoting Steve Bannon is not only a national disgrace, but it is also further evidence that Donald Trump and his regime are unfit for American Government leadership. They should be removed at once by all legal means.

Foreign Policy actual issued a "be on the lookout, (BOLO).

Americans, your government has been taken over by thugs and crazies. This is not fake. It is not an alert or alternative fact. This is the truth.

"BOLO. The decision largely overshadowed two other issues that might loom even larger in the coming months: Trump’s foray into building international support for undefined “safe zones” inside Syria and Yemen, and presidential advisor Steve Bannon pushing the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the director of national intelligence out of their traditional roles on the National Security Council. 
The reorganization of the NSC gives Bannon — a self-described “economic nationalist” who courted neo-Nazis while head of far-right, conspiracy-leaden Web site Breitbart — a regular seat on the Principals Committee, a meeting of the secretaries of state, defense, and intelligence leaders. According to a memo put out by the White House Saturday, the chairman and director will now only attend NSC Principals Committee meetings “where issues pertaining to their responsibilities and expertise are to be discussed,” a move seen as consolidating power for Bannon national security advisor Michael Flynn. 
The move was met with a wall of disapproval from former Republican and Democratic national security officials. “The last place you want to put somebody who worries about politics is in a room where they’re talking about national security,” said Leon Panetta, former White House chief of staff, defense secretary and C.I.A. director in two Democratic administrations. “That’s not what the National Security Council is supposed to be about.” 
Former Defense Secretary and CIA Director Robert Gates, who served presidents from both parties, called it “a big mistake” to exclude the DNI and Chief. President Obama’s national security advisor Susan Rice tweeted over the weekend that the move was “stone cold crazy.”" 
From Foreign Policy's Situation Report morning email

Other news organizations spout the same alarm.

"Questions multiply over Bannon's role in Trump administration."

Steve Bannon, Neo-Nazi

Note: There is no intention here to advocate violence or to overthrow the government. The only path to resistance is through due process and the law.

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