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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Right and left can't explain it

As an author, when I write books, the benchmark is more academic. That is, I try to be as objective as I can about the subjects, and they are well researched. Purely academic papers and books are subject to peer review. That means that they are read critically by a qualified audience and edited to respond to scholarly feedback.

When I wrote How to Select an American President with Dr. James Rodger, the first draft was intended for the academic audience. However, the useful purpose of the book is far beyond that. It is for all Americans who want to improve how they participate in the election process.

For the most part, it is easy to read, like a history book in some respects. The harder part is from readers applying the suggestions to how they think about electing candidates. Thinking is not easy.

When I write my blog and national politics articles, my position changes from being in the academic middle to being who I am, a liberal-thinking American.

Some of my friends who are more conservative than me include some right-wing conservatives. The arguments and debates with them can erupt into anger.

What is my problem with the right wing? First off, right and left truly don't describe very much at all. If you were to ask me where I stand on economics, for instance, my answer would be that I am for sustainability.

That means optimizing living within the means and capacity of our available resources. Is that liberal or conservative? I can argue that being sustainable is very conservative, and core American.

If you ask me if I am for the big or small government, I would answer that government size corresponds with the needs of the nation. Defining those needs is variable.

If you ask me if I defend the US Constitution, I do. In fact, I defend liberty, freedom, and equality for all. I believe that no one should be left to poverty. Any citizen in need of assistance should get help to put them on a sustainable path.

If you ask me about abortion, I say that should be a last resort and the woman's right to chose. If you ask me about gays and lesbians, I say that they are who they are by the genetic outcome. There is no right or wrong in that.

If you ask me about my religious faith, my first response is to say that is my business. If you persist, I would say that it is not your business.

Then again, I might try to explain my spirituality if I think that will make it better.

What would you like to ask me? I will try to answer here.

James George

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