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Friday, January 20, 2017

Will the Trump era be truncated?

Will the Trump era be truncated?

The Washington Post, a newspaper of which Donald Trump has threatened to boycott, published this headline today:

"New era begins as Trump set to take oath 
President-elect Donald Trump has promised to undo some of the most significant pieces of President Obama’s legacy — including his signature health-care law. But Trump also enters office with a significant amount of uncertainty, since he has repeatedly contradicted other Republicans — and himself — on major questions about how immigration, taxes, health care and other issues will be handled." 
Courtesy of a WP email

What is the duration of an era? An era lasts as long as there is continuity in an associated characteristic. That is, so long as Trump is in charge, it is his era and regime.

Some pundits have speculated that the odds are against his being in office six months before being impeached. That may be wishful thinking. It all depends.

1. Will civil lawsuits undermine him, such as those for sexual assault and harassment? They can become pesky, and a distraction, but will unlikely lead to his removal.

2. Will investigations by the media and authorities expose Trump's conflicts of interests? On that, there is a higher probability. He may be able to wiggle out of them by taking certain actions. Damage could be done.

3. Will investigations into his associates and former associates who have been found to have ties to the Russians result in a meltdown by them whereby they become state's evidence? Therein lies intrigue, but these people are stout-hearted loyalists with good lawyers. Don't count on a meltdown.

4. Will Donald Trump simply trip over his deficient knowledge about the American political system, laws, and regulations such that he fails to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America?" Therein lies the trap.

Is there hope?

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