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Sunday, February 26, 2017

America, is this a dream?

One upon a time, a group of aristocrats came together to draw a line against their King. They did that for some reasons that include:
  1. The King's government taxed them for services.
  2. The King's government oppressed their religious freedom.
  3. The King's government was not democratic, and citizens felt unrepresented.
It might be hard to say which of the King's offenses they disliked the most. My bet is that it was the taxes. The aristocrats could gain more support by broadening the appeal. That is where religious freedom and inadequate representation come into play.

The aristocrats, most being well read and intellectuals, drafted their ideas into a new set of rules that became the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and Constitution. The system was elaborate, even for simpler times.

Citizens would be rendered the right to vote for their government representatives.  States would have their powers, and the Federal government would emerge and evolve to have powers to address shared and common needs.

All the while, the founding principle, and belief are that citizens have the capacity and ability to select their representatives by voting for them in free elections.

"Capacity" refers to the amount of discretionary time and resources that citizens have to commit to the tasks of knowing the jobs that they are filling by voting, knowing the skill, knowledge, experience and proficiency required of incumbents, and being able to get to the polls to cast their votes. "Ability" refers to a citizen's ability to read and write, and to have acquired sufficient knowledge about their Constitution and system of government.

Capacity and ability just happen, I guess. Is this a dream?

How to Select an Amercian President by James A. George with James A. Rodger (c) 2107 Archway Publishing.

King George III

Founding Fathers

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