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Thursday, February 23, 2017

American priority outcomes

Here is postulated what I believe are Americans highest priorities defined as outcomes. It is useful to know if readers agree or disagree, as well as understanding your relative priorities.

Outcomes are where political parties and their candidates, and our elected officials should begin in their work attending to our needs. It is the starting position for political party platforms and individual candidate manifestos.

Given the list of priority outcomes, next, I will compare party platforms to them to see how they hit or miss the target. Be prepared for a shock. Have you ever read a party platform that is the guide to their operations be it Congress of the Executive? Do you know and understand that to which you have signed up in your last election?

Defining outcomes is an administrative task of the President.
"Task 1: Planning, staffing, organizing, and scheduling Presidential work and government functions
Subtask 1.1: Recruit and staff the cabinet and department and agency appointments
Subtask 1.2: Conduct cabinet meetings to develop and implement strategies and policies for accomplishing the nation’s workload and issues
Subtask 1.3: Define the nation’s outcomes and priorities for each major department and agency to produce the nation’s strategic plan." 
How to Select and American President by James A, George with James A. Rodger (c) 2017 Archway Publishing

America's Priority Outcomes
  1. Nation secured economically - 100%
  2. Nation has a sustainable economy - 100%
  3. Nation secured militarily - 100%
  4. Homeland secured from terrorists - 100%
  5. Employment opportunities for all who can work - 100%
  6. Upward mobility for all who are prepared commensurate with ability - 100%
  7. All persons provided minimal sustainment as a baseline to start - 100%
  8. Social security assured for all persons - 100%
  9. Clean air and water - 100%
  10. Best education in the world - #1
  11. Freest nation in the world - #1 
  12. Lowest crime rate in the world - #1 in the least crime per capita

Here is the rationale for the prioritization.

If the nation is not economically secure, then nothing else can be. In 2007, at the end of the George W. Bush administration, your United States of America nearly collapsed.

Producing a sustainable economy is a top imperative. Do you and your elected officials know what a sustainable economy means?

Securing the nation militarily is paid for as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product. The investment is made as a trade-off between essential domestic needs and combatting the nation's enemies, foreign and domestic.

Homeland Security is the department dedicated to addressing domestic security.

Having the nation's citizens employed and working to the best of their ability is essential to a sustainable and secure economy. The workforce must compete in the world with superior effectiveness. Do you know what that means?

Upward mobility ensures that people have the incentive to perform their best and to rise to their highest level of ability. Creating those opportunities is a product of public and private enterprise partnership.

Providing minimal sustainment means that no one lives in poverty. All children and their parents are ensured the right for an equal opportunity. No children are punished or limited due to their parents' hardships. Do you believe that?

Social Security is assured for everyone for their life cycle. Are you committed to that? Is your government equally committed?

Clean air and water are essential for supporting humanity of the planet. Your current government is hell bent not to do that. Is that what you voted for?

Having the best education system in the world and producing the highest results is essential for economic success. Your nation is failing you, and the current administration and Congress are intent on making performance worse. Is that what you voted for?

What was one of the freest nations in the world has been downgraded with the advent of President Donald Trump? You see the news and reports of his actions. You hear his words, and they are not American in content, spirit, and tone.

The crime rate is not the best in the world. Some areas are better than others. Crime is a product of the economy and social policies. Everyone can agree that there is more work to be done.

Therefore, look up the political party platform of your choice to see how they address these priorities. I will save you the trouble in future articles because I will grade their performance.

Please read, How to Select an American President by James A. George with James A. Rodger (c) 2017 Archway Publishing.

American government is off target


  1. Readers should know that the author is pulling for two strong political parties that attend American citizens needs in a bipartisan pluralistic democracy that is not what we are experiencing today.

  2. A conservative lawmaker complained that Congress is moving too slowly.

    "“I think they should have had a plan ready on Day One. They had eight years to think about this, eight years to negotiate with one another, and I just think there isn’t any excuse for it taking this long,” an exasperated Michael Greer, a Los Angeles-based Tea Party activist and blogger, said here at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)."

    What I agree with is that Congressional Representatives should have solutions in place. They do not. There are two reasons: 1) they are incompetent. 2) they prefer to not address essential needs of We the People.