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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Systemic problem in selecting vice presidents

Our U.S. Constitution isn't perfect. What the Founding Fathers accommodated is making it better through amendments. The body of law adapts and improves over time.

Sometimes, We the People, slow down the process for some reasons:

1. We're busy with self-sustainment
2. We have not improved our ability to select superior representatives
3. Political parties operate without standards for performance and accountability
4. Influence weighted by political campaign contributions undermines one-person, one-vote.
5. Legislators are conflicted in addressing critical needs in the absence of standards for their accountability

That is why I write books and blogs discussing this subject.

Problem statement: Presidential candidates select their vice presidents, thus short-circuiting the electorate's opportunity to evaluate and participate in their selection. The choice is made at the last minute, and there are no standards for evaluating either the President nor Vice President.

My book, How to Select an American President by James A. George and James A. Rodger (c) 2017 Archway Publishing address the standards for selecting candidates.

In that book, I question the lack of wisdom about how Vice Presidents are chosen.

I suggest that Vice Presidents should run their campaigns as do many Lieutenant Governors in States. The people can decide who should be the backup President and that need not mean that they are in the same political party as the President.

Let's discuss.

Americans had no say in selecting Vice President Pence, for example. Should Trump be impeached, we would be stuck with Pence with the caveat that he too could be determined as illegitimate.

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