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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trump embarks on social engineering

For a political party that is hell-bent on freedom and individual liberty, its Presidential leader surely sounds contrary. Today's headline from the LA Times is:

"Trump’s Plan to Reshape the Face of America 
Trump is also expected to talk tonight about the need for stringent national security, one that we’ve seen manifest in his efforts to ramp up deportations and block travelers from seven mostly Muslim countries. Beyond that, there’s a bigger goal: to reshape American demographics and keep out people who Trump and senior aides believe will not assimilate. They’ve pointed to Europe’s taking in of Muslims as an example of what to avoid."
LA Times 

In several of my publications and articles, I advocated the United States of America needs a "Population Management Policy." If the overarching purpose of the  Federal Government is to optimize return on national resources, then managing the population size and demographics must be a part of the policy and rules.

America presently has a favorable population size to resources ratio. That means that resources are sufficiently abundant to ensure a good life for all citizens in the absence of poverty. If leaders mismanage, that could result in the population size becoming too large.

Population size is one factor. Community quality is another.

Community quality has to do with demographics of which the most important consideration is education and training. When people from the lowest economic level are equipped with adequate and better education and training, they have the capacity to optimize their individual performance. When sufficient opportunities are present, they can access them and pursue upward mobility.

When Donald Trump and Republicans talk about being Muslim as a consideration, they miss the point completely. First, it is anti-American and illegal to discriminate based on religious faith or creed. Second, a most important consideration is the education and training that is resident in prospective immigrants.

Now, many immigrants pursue entering America to escape persecution. Therefore, many are children, and many of their parents are likely to be ill-equipped. That means that the U.S. government and citizens must invest to equip them with the ability to become sustainable and productive members of society. That should be the focus.

All of the talks and noise about Muslims are ugly distractions.

Surely, immigration and Homeland Security authorities are filtering to identify terrorists and security risks. That should not be based on a person's religion.

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  1. Trump's presumption is that Muslims cannot assimilate, which is unproven by Muslim-American citizens.