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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Trump fills leader vacuum

'The sinking dream of America.' Nathan Gardels paints a frightening scenario in his article in the Huffington Post this morning. He describes that Americans are so longing for a strong leader that they will follow anyone who is aggressive enough to take the reigns.  Trump fits the bill, and an ignorant and bigoted flock will follow at the price of freedom and liberty for all.

The alternative is for the larger herd, America's true majority of entering the battle with their own leaders.  That battle is shaping up.

"Weekend Roundup: Disarming America’s Soft Power
The world watches warily as a nation of immigrants admired for living together in liberty under the rule of law changes course.
 02/10/2017 07:37 pm ET
Nathan Gardels
Editor-in-chief, The WorldPost
Presidential historian Daniel Franklin writes this week that U.S. President Donald Trump could be a once-in-an-era “reconstructive president” in the mold of Andrew Jackson, FDR and Ronald Reagan. Like those former leaders, says Franklin, he has upended the status quo by realigning partisan constituencies and departing entirely from the previous governing consensus, a shift that can be progressive or regressive. More than just having won an election, Trump is out to effect a “regime change” that will be in place for a long time to come.
“There is a very good possibility that Trump will succeed,” Franklin writes. “It is hard to fight a reconstructive president. By and large Americans want to be led. My own research suggests that there is a bias in our minds towards bold leadership, no matter where it takes us. Furthermore, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that with human beings the facts bend to perception rather than the other way around.”
Writing from Santiago, Chile, AndrĂ©s Velasco thinks that Latin America’s experience with populism also suggests that Trump’s protectionist policies will first gain momentum and produce results long before their “toxic” impact becomes clear.
One of the most consequential victims of America’s radical change, of course, is its unique status as a beacon for a certain set of values in the world through its “soft power” appeal as a diverse nation of immigrants that has managed to live together in liberty under the rule of law. That image of America has already been fairly dashed by the package of policies and rhetoric during the first three weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency."
The Huffington Post 

The sinking dream of America.

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