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Monday, March 13, 2017

All politics are local

There is a social media initiative called Neighborhood Village that permits residents of local communities to network and to address local needs and concerns.  Things that I enjoy include safety alerts, community event announcements, requests for and giving advice about contractors, and such.

A 10-acre plot of woodland was cleared to the bone of trees along Montgomery Road this past week, and that created a reaction. The city planning board reminded people that the decision for that was made seven years ago. The village didn't have the funds to acquire the property that was next to the fire and police station. So, the planners approved the sale to TwinLakes Developers.

TwinLakes is a fine company, but seeing the abrupt reduction of habitat where deer and other animals lived was a shock.

I engaged the conversation about it that was underway by suggesting that the community place higher value on green space and parks. The village might want to consider the approaches in Japan and some European nations where there is high density. They build higher while setting aside more public space, for instance.

That comment elicited a long response, bordering on a rant, lecturing me that such is progress and that if I don't like it, I can move to the country. I could not resist a response, and I suggested that it sounded like a Donald Trump supporter who has narrow-vision.

Of course, I set off a tirade among Trumpster with that bait. The good news is that by a margin of 14:1, I garnered much more supporters.

I just can't help myself. I am a political addict. Everything except the entrance to the police and fire station has been cut down, including the lovely tree at the entrance of my bank.


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