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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Always ask, 'Who is speaking?'

One headline charges that Democrats are paranoid and hysterical about Russians and the Russian diplomat meeting with Trump campaign associates.

"A CNN report alleged that “current and former US intelligence officials have described Kislyak as a top spy and recruiter of spies.”
“That’s total horseshit,” said Wayne Merry, a senior fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council who worked as a U.S. diplomat to Russia and has known Kislyak for decades. “It’s a witch-hunt with paranoia and hysteria at its core. Normally it’s the Russians who become paranoid and hysterical. That the conspiracy theories and paranoia is coming from Americans makes me very uncomfortable.”

Bear in mind that Republicans surely have an ax to grind in defending President Trump and that is why their Congressional leaders had engaged in obstruction of justice. In the quote above, Wayne Merry is identified as being an affiliate of the American Foreign Policy Council that is a conservative Republican-aligned organization.

"In addition, AFPC publishes strategic reports and other reports monitoring the policy progress of other countries from a conservative standpoint (particularly Russia, China, countries in the Middle East and in Asia). Common topics include security (missile defense, arms control, energy security, espionage) as well as the ongoing status of democracy and market economies in countries of interest."

Otherwise, the quote must be taken with a grain of salt in light of the fact that Trump encouraged the Russians and WikiLeaks to interfere in the American election of 2016.

Republicans are up to their necks in fraud and abuse, as well as conflicts of interests and threats to our national integrity.

Anticipating Donald Trump's perp walk

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