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Friday, March 3, 2017

Anticipation and Prediction

I lost a bet this year and owed someone a car wash. I bet that Hillary would win and that the Congress would flip to Democrats.

Did Hillary lose? Not the majority of the population, they were with "her." Republican domination of the House and Senate was a surprise to me. However, I can explain that because Democrats failed to produce fresh leadership. Their message was tired, and they had no description of how they would build a vibrant economy. Otherwise, they didn't demonstrate knowledge and skill in getting things done.

In the past, I have successfully predicted the past elections. My skill set as an analyst is predictive management. Therefore, I expect to be on track.

That is why I anticipate that America will make a huge adjustment to align its government with the majority of the people. It can take until the midterm elections. However, there is a strong possibility that the preponderance of evidence against Donald Trump's presidency will mount to a successful impeachment.

It is the impeachment process that holds some barriers because it must begin with action by the House of Representatives to initiate it. After that, it is the Senate that must prosecute. With both chambers being controlled by Republicans, there is a strong possibility for conflict of interest and obstruction of justice. Citizens have already witnessed the House and Senate exercising such conflict. Those matters must be appealed to the Court for correction. All of that takes time.

The rule of law, the courts, and a viable opposition with some assistance from Republicans who possess patriotism and integrity, the matter of who governs the nation with legitimacy will eventually be settled.

The US Constitution offers little guidance beyond protocols and doesn't say anything about what happens with the process is corrupted. We the People must chart the way.

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