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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Be Aware: Legitimacy Is On Hold

With a dark cloud of alleged illegalities hanging over the Trump government, a suspicion that extends to Congress, legitimacy is on hold. There are many layers of reasons why:
  1. If the investigation into Russian interference by hacking, leaking, and propaganda indicates that there were coordination and cooperation with the Trump campaign, that will condemn the Trump government as being illegitimate.
  2. If the investigation into Donald Trump by the Treasury Department, FBI, and National Security Agency determine that Trump and his businesses have committed felony crimes or misdemeanors, Trump could be impeached and his government condemned to removal and replacement.
  3. If charges of Emolument Clause violation are prosecuted and proven in a court of law, meaning that Trump is performing as President with conflicts of interest, then he would be impeached with his administration in peril.
  4. If in the course of investigations, justice authorities determine that members of the Trump campaign, appointees, including the Vice President, and Members of Congress colluded or covered up, or obstructed justice, each would be subject to impeachment, and prosecution for Misprision of Fraud and other crimes.
Under foreseeable circumstances, the entire Constitutional protocol for replacing a President would be undermined by illegitimacy. The rule of law would be followed with Court supervision to seat and establish a new government subject to new elections.

Citizens should be informed about the process and consequences of impending investigations and their possible outcomes.

Members of Congress should be aware of the consequences of their missteps along the way.

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