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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Caroline Kennedy could be getting ready

News from The New Post is that Caroline Kennedy could be getting ready for a run for the Senate with an eye on the Presidency in 2020. She has been Obama's Ambassador to Japan.

How would she score at this moment, employing the method recommended in How to Select an American President by James A. George with James A. Rodger (c) 2017 Archway Publishing?

First, consider the prospective candidate's resume.

Caroline Kennedy
29th United States Ambassador to Japan
In office November 19, 2013 – January 18, 2017
President    Barack Obama
Personal details
Born    Caroline Bouvier Kennedy
November 27, 1957 (age 59)
New York City, New York, U.S.
Political party    Democratic
Spouse(s)    Edwin Schlossberg (m. 1986)
Relations    See Kennedy family
Children    3, including Rose and Jack
Parents    John F. Kennedy
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Education    Harvard University (BA)
Columbia University (JD)

Of course, she meets the statutory requirements for both Senate and President positions. Her education and academic credentials are impeccable. Her experience in philanthropy, public service, and as ambassador to Japan is highly valued.

How to Select a Senator, Part 1 of 2

How to Select a Senator, Part 2 of 2

Candidate name: Caroline Bouvier Kennedy
The kind of candidate I am: (Their words)
Met the statutory requirements: Age requirement: 30 years, Citizen of the US: 9 years minimum, Be an inhabitant of the State for which chosen to represent
Birth date: November 27, 1957
Place of birth: New York City, NY
Residences during the past nine years: New York, US Embassy, Japan
Intelligence Quotient (IQ): Exceptionally high as evidenced by academic achievement
o   High School (School Name/Location)
o   College Graduate (College/University Name/Location
·      Degree Type: Harvard University (BA)
o   Major areas of study: Law
o   GPA:
o   Honors/Distinctions:
o   Post Graduate (University Name/Location) (for each)
Columbia University (JD)
Professional Certifications: Lawyer
Bar: Practicing attorney
Occupation/Vocation/Profession: American author, attorney, and diplomat
Health Status: Healthy
Middle Aged 51-60
Affected Class:
Candidate Description: Woman
Voter assessment of character and behavior
From reviewing past president’s we identified certain terms that are helpful in differentiating and describing candidates listed in alphabetical order.
x Adaptive
x Allegiant to the Constitution and nation
x Brave in the face of adversity
x Leader
x Listener
x Passionate
x Process-oriented (how), results-oriented (outcomes)
x Reassuring
x Visionary, integrator
Voters’ assessment of leadership style
Similarly, we captured some words used to describe leadership styles.
x Collaborator
x Creative and inventive
x Delegator
x Detailer
x Hands-on

Education and Training (Professional Development)
Life-long learning – It is beneficial to observe how presidential candidates have stayed abreast of contemporary knowledge and skill requirements.
x American government system
x Concept of operations
x Concept of the role of the president in optimizing the nation’s government performance
x Constitution
x Economics
x Entitlements
x Foreign policy
x Information and communications technology
x International trade
x Knowing each governmental department and primary expectations for them
x Knowing how to create laws
x Knowing how to work with Congress
x Law
x Operational architecture
x Primary presidential tasks and associated outcomes
x Administrative
x Budgeting
x Strategic planning
x Writing
x Speaking
x Negotiating
x Collaborating
x Debating
x Planning
x Problem-solving
x Decision-making
x Sense-making
x Predicting
o   Modeling
x Recruiting and staffing
o   Organization development
o   Program evaluation and management

Life History (Childhood to adulthood status): As a Kennedy who lost a Father and Uncle to assassination while they were in the line of duty for their nation, this counts toward her extraordinary experience.

The kind of person that can relate to me; the kind of person to whom I can relate; my kind of person:

x The person who lives on the best street
x Successful

We citizens don't know enough about Caroline Kennedy about the following topics. We need to see her Manifesto.

Ability to manage the economy: The job of president is to create an environment in which private enterprise can flourish as that is what increases revenues.
·      Optimization = Increasing GDP and higher quality service for the least cost and labor intensity
·      Presidential Platform and Agenda: Priorities, Issues, Causes, Programs, Solutions, Vision
·      Banking
·      Fossil fuels
·      Energy independence
·      Entrepreneurs
·      Food supply
·      Green renewable
·      Housing
·      Infrastructure
·      Job creation
·      Manufacturing
·      Nation-building
·      Nuclear
·      Peace-building
·      Preemptive war
·      Promote democracy
·      Sustainable Economy
·      Transportation
·      War is last resort
Relationship with Powerful Forces: Military Industrial Complex, Wall Street, PACs and Lobbyists
·      Political Party
Relationships with party leadership
·      Values:
o   Attitude about big business
o   Attitude about campaign contributions
o   Attitude about educators
o   Attitude about free speech
o   Attitude about government regulation
o   Attitude about gun control
o   Attitude about health care
o   Attitude about immigrants
o   Attitude about organized labor
o   Attitude about public service
o   Attitude about rural America
o   Attitude about small business
o   Attitude toward women
o   Attitude toward immigrants
o   Attitude toward minorities
o   Patriotic
o   States’ rights versus Central government
o   Work ethic
·      Military Experience:
o   Rank
o   Combat Veteran
o   Unit
o   Command
o   Wars and battles
o   Citations and awards
·      Public Office Experience:
o   Vice President
o   Judge
o   Department Secretary
o   Governor
o   Senator
o   House Representatives
o   Mayor
o   State Legislature
o   Other Public Service
·      Private Sector Experience:
o   CEO/President
o   Large Corporation
o   Medium Corporation
o   Small Business
o   Vice President
o   Director
o   Professional Manager
o   Entrepreneur
o   Inventor
o   Patents
·      Memberships: Organizations and Leadership positions

"JFK’s Daughter Caroline Kennedy Just Made A Historical Career Announcement – Get Ready 
By Pearson McKinney - January 22, 2017 
Up until the Trump administration took over the White House just a couple days ago, Caroline Kennedy was the American Ambassador to Japan. When Trump gained control, Kennedy was sent packing, returning to civilian life in the States.
There was no one appointed to take over the position that Kennedy once held, however, and no word from Trump’s team about who will take the position, or when. 
Kennedy is now left to determine what career path she will take next. 
According to The New York Post, Kennedy is planning a run for the Senate in 2018. This is amazing news, as it’s about time a Kennedy be involved in American politics again.
The Post’s sources say that not only is Kennedy planning on a Senate bid, but she may also be running for president in 2020."

Caroline Kennedy, Vogue Image

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