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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dead on Arrival from the Trump House

Trump has many houses, and this message is from the one that he stole from American voters. Yes, I am still on his distribution list so I will analyze what is surely something untruthful.

By way of background consider this, the idea of an "individual mandate" was a conservative one.

"The bill was introduced on October 29, 2009, and passed on November 7, during the 1st Session of the 111th Congress. Its primary sponsor was the Dean of the House, John Dingell of Michigan. The bill is a revised version of an earlier measure, the proposed America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 (HR 3200 [18][19]). The revisions included refinements designed to meet the goals outlined in the President's address to a joint session of Congress in September, 2009 concerning health care reform. In 1989 the idea for the "individual mandate" that every household obtain adequate health care was proposed by a conservative think tank known as the Heritage Foundation [20] and supported in Congress by high profile Republicans Newt Gingrich, Orin Hatch and Charles Grassley in 1993." 
The primary reason that many Americans disliked Obamacare is that they didn't know much about it.

"Specifically, some three-quarters of the country isn’t aware that Obamacare has reduced the ranks of the medically uninsured to an all-time low. One in five respondents to the foundation’s poll (21%) believed the uninsured rate was at an all-time high. A plurality of 46% thought the rate is “about the same as it has been.” Only 26% of respondents knew that the uninsured rate of 10% among the nonelderly population marks a record low. 
Without knowledge of the facts, people are more susceptible to spin and misrepresentation. 
— Kaiser Family Foundation Chief Executive Drew Altman"


"Seven years ago this month, despite profound objections of American people, Obamacare was signed into law. Our citizens were told they would have to pass Obamacare to find out what was in it, and now they have learned it was merely hundreds of pages of broken promises." 
The White House
The statement above is Republican propaganda that is filled with holes. Obamacare has provided much relief to millions of citizens and what the Congress proposes is much less and hurtful to much more. It probably costs as much or more too.
"The law is collapsing around us, and we must act fast to save Americans from its wreckage." 
The White House
Obamacare needed propping up and some changes. It didn't need to be repealed and replaced. That is a political ploy. Republicans should be working with Democrats to fix it.

"President Donald J. Trump along with House Republicans have put forward a plan that gets rid of the disastrous law and replaces it with reforms that empower states and consumers. Americans will, once again, have the choice and the freedom to make the decisions that are right for their families."
The White House 
This is an egregious lie that is evidenced by the daily news that Congress cannot settle on a solution and that The White House failed to propose one even though the promised.

"Most Americans either oppose Obamacare repeal or want to see replacement plan first
Dan Mangan    | @_DanMangan"

Image: The Daily Beast

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  1. The Trump White House propaganda machine is dwarfing the Deep State.