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Friday, March 17, 2017

Shutting down Trump is an option

The Hill report that Republicans and Democrats are saber rattling about a shutdown over the budget. The majority of citizens who oppose Donald Trump and his questionable legitimacy may not mind putting the brakes on. However, that would just hurt people who need Social Security checks, for instance.  A shutdown is a costly option.
"Shutdown politics return to the Senate 
Senators are firing the opening salvos in a new fight over funding the government.
With President Trump releasing his first budget request Thursday, both parties are preemptively pointing fingers over who would be responsible if Congress misses a deadline in April to avoid a government shutdown." 
The Hill
Republicans can't agree among themselves, and they are the leaders now. Democrats can still influence, and when it comes down to the final moment, they can create havoc.

Maybe the prosecution of Donald Trump will get underway before the budget schedule. Don't hold your breath. They will likely enact another extension to buy time.

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