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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Stop Bannon before he further damages the nation

Donald Trump is Steve Bannon's puppet, apparently. Long observed is that the billionaire right-wing radical nationalist extremist has considerable influence over his boss. Bannon is to Trump as mystic Grigori Rasputin was to Russian Tsar Nicholas. That is no joke.

Bannon complements his boss by serving up new enemies to blame for the administration's incompetence and chaotic dysfunction. As reported earlier, the new enemy is the "Deep State," this is supposed to be Obama loyalists who are bent on Trump' destruction. Obama followers are embedded throughout government, Trump believes.

Golly Moses, how about purging the government and replacing them with your own kind? Are there enough radical right-wing extremists to fill all of those jobs?

American citizens must end this nonsensical and crazy regime at once by calling on Congress to oust them, all of them. This time is a do-over necessity.
"Key figures in the White House see themselves locked in a battle with the "deep state" — a term they're using, as my colleagues explained, to describe "a group of Obama-aligned critics, federal bureaucrats, and intelligence figures" as well as the media. Stephen K. Bannon, the White House chief strategist who once ran far-right publication, Breitbart, has reportedly spoken: "at length" with President Trump about his view that the "deep state" is undermining Trump's presidency. 
The consequences of such paranoia can be seen in Trump's Twitter outburst over the weekend. He accused his predecessor of tapping his phones (without offering any evidence) and framed his administration as the victim of "witch hunts" and "McCarthyism." On Monday, reports emerged that FBI Director James B. Comey was "incredulous" over Trump's allegations. 
Nevertheless, there has been a great deal of chatter — and a good number of articles — pondering the "deep state" and its reach in the United States. As this newsletter discussed last month, it's not just Bannon who's throwing the term around. Some observers on the American left see the nexus of the national security apparatus, arms companies, and corporate lobbies as the basis for a kind of all-pervasive shadow government dominating political life in the country." 
Washington Post, World View email

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