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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sustainable Economy

The U.S. economy is presently unsustainable. We can debate that.

Producing a sustainable economy deserves specific description and discussion to address priority outcomes and enabling systems and organizations. Here is the basic argument.

Since fossil fuels are running out in the foreseeable future, continuing reliance on oil and coal, for instances, is an economic dead end. Furthermore, the continuing use of fossil fuels pollutes clean air and water. Rather than engage in the false-flag debate about climate change, let’s stick with the facts that America’s air and water is at risk from how we have polluted the environment, which includes significant contributions from automobiles. An economy based on fossil fuel burning energy is unacceptable.

The current capitalist paradigm is unsustainable because it is based on ever-expanding populations and ever-expanding consumption. On our planet and in our nation, there is a limit to how many people can live acceptably with limited natural resources.
The current leaders in the Presidency and Congress are failing to address these realities and the necessity to either make capitalism sustainable or to replace it with a different economic model. Citizens are woefully uneducated about this important consideration to which they should be active participants.

Competent political leaders would bring expertise and experience to the table with the unique ability to help anticipate and prepare for the future.

There is no better economic catalyst than transforming the U.S. economy with a renewable energy paradigm, building a smarter and more protected grid, smart data, and smart services delivery. Inventions are needed across the board to advance the nation to higher performance.

Under the present direction, the administration and Congress are driving in reverse at breakneck speed.

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  1. Obviously, Republican are not socially nor environmentally responsible, and their economic performance record demonstrates foolishness too.