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Thursday, March 16, 2017

This pig won't fly

Per normal with President Trump, his surges to action are fraught with delusion, incompleteness, incompetence,  and major flaws that will likely lead to nowhere. Alas, we have President Nowhere.  Nowhere to hide either.

His budget is woefully ill-conceived and brutally hurtful to the very people who elected him. Are they that stupid? Apparently, he thinks so.

"Much of it won’t fly with Congress  
The power of the purse rests with Congress, so it will be up to lawmakers to decide which parts of Trump’s budget — if any — to keep.  
Trump’s blueprint has been declared “dead on arrival” by several Republican lawmakers, reflecting widespread opposition to some of its key proposals. 
While the president’s budget asks for $54 billion to boost defense spending, congressional defense hawks say that isn’t enough to meet the military’s needs.
Republicans and Democrats alike, meanwhile, are concerned by Trump’s quest to boost defense spending by making massive cuts to foreign aid. 
And some fiscal conservatives aren’t sold on increasing defense spending at all, and Democrats are fuming over cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and social safety net programs."


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