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Monday, March 13, 2017

Trump story of the day

As promised, this is my one big story today that is about our President. After that, I am withdrawing to my paint box.

According to an analysis by the San Francisco Chronicle, Americans have a huge problem on their hands. I believe that as I have reported that 1) the nation has fallen in its status as a democracy, 2) the president is illegitimate for many reasons, and 3) Congress has become unlawful for obstructing justice.

Can there be any bigger news than the U.S.A. has become a failed state under Donald Trump and the Republican Congress?

In the bravado of Trump himself, the problem is huge, enormous, and doesn't get any bigger.

"Folks, we’ve got a huge problem on our hands. Either:
1 Trump is more nuts than we suspected — a true delusional paranoid. Trump’s outburst was seemingly triggered by commentary March 3 in the alt-right publication Breitbart News, which reported an assertion made the night before by right-wing talk-radio host Mark Levin suggesting that Obama and his administration used “police state” tactics last fall to monitor the Trump team’s dealings with Russian operatives.
If this was the case, we’ve got a president willing to put the prestige and power of his office behind baseless claims emanating from well-known right-wing purveyors of lies. Which means Trump shouldn’t be anywhere near the nuclear codes that could obliterate the planet, or near anything else that could determine the fate of America or the world.
2 The second possibility is that Trump is correct, and the Obama administration did, in fact, tap his phones. But if this was the case, before the tap could occur, Trump was likely to have committed a very serious crime, possibly treason.
No president can order a wiretap on his own. For federal agents to obtain a wiretap on Trump, the Justice Department would first have had to convince a federal judge that it had gathered sufficient evidence of probable cause to believe Trump had committed a serious crime or was an agent of a foreign power, depending on whether it was a criminal or foreign intelligence wiretap.
In which case we have someone occupying the Oval Office who shouldn’t be making decisions that could endanger America or the world.
3 The third possible explanation for Trump’s rant is that he’s trying to divert public attention from the Jeff Sessions imbroglio and multiple investigations of Trump associates already found to have been in contact with Russian agents during the election, at a time when Russian operatives interfered with the election on Trump’s behalf.
Maybe he’s trying to build a case that the entire Russia story is a plot concocted by the Obama administration — along with the intelligence agencies and the mainstream media — to bring Trump down. That way, he can inoculate himself against more damaging evidence to come."

Impeach and lock him up

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  1. "Dear Trump Voters, Your Healthcare Is Now on the Line
    The Republican plan to overhaul healthcare will get its first official test of the numbers this week when the Congressional Budget Office unveils its assessment. GOP leadership has already intimated the office’s report can’t be trusted, and President Trump’s secretary of Health and Human Services says, “Nobody will be worse off financially.” An L.A. Times analysis shows otherwise: The proposal would most hurt lower-income, older voters in conservative, rural parts of the country — that is, a good portion of Trump’s backers. "
    LA Times