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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Way behind the power curve

Does it appear to you that the American government is way behind the power curve, and seems to be slowing down and falling back? It does to me.

Long ago, we heard and read stories that the intelligent communities' toolkit was compromised and that the contents were leaked or escaped. One would have thought that a criminal investigation would have been launched at once.

Now, we see that they are just getting around to it, it seems.

I would hope that they are getting to the bottom of Donald Trump's business dealings with Russians, Iranians, and international crooks. Don't bank on it. They don't act on their own initiative, apparently.

"FBI and CIA launch criminal investigation into 'malware leaks' 
The CIA has not confirmed whether the released documents are real 
US federal agencies have launched a criminal investigation into the public release of documents said to detail CIA hacking tools, US officials say. 
They told US media that the FBI and CIA were co-ordinating the inquiry after Wikileaks published thousands of files. 
These carried claims that the CIA had developed ways to listen in on smartphone and smart TV microphones. 
The CIA, FBI and White House have declined to comment on the authenticity of the files leaked on Tuesday."

What's he getting away with?

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