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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trump in summary

Nut job.

This author, analyst, and independent journalist is exhausted by frustration that the majority of American citizens who did not elect the illegitimate President have been unable to move the needle toward impeaching him.

The New Yorker describes the administration this way.
"A diary of this Administration’s alarming edicts, stumbling policy reversals, disquieting personnel decisions, frequent tantrums, and bumbling incompetence. It is an exhausting and terrifying litany." 
The New Yorker
Congress is corrupt and obstructing justice. The Treasury, FBI, and National Security Agency has failed so far to present their cases to remove Trump. The facts are all clogged up in the system that apparently doesn't know how to deal with the authoritarian who has barged right into The White House.

I wrote a book to try to motivate citizens to improve their part. Most are not reading it.

How to Select an American President by James A. George with James A. Rodger (c)2017 Archway Publishing.

Back to Nature

Friday, April 28, 2017

Congress and #45; hard to do the wrong things

The Republican Congress and President Trump have long sought to repeal Obamacare. They have not done it. Why?

Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, works to a great extent to address the need to insure all Americans with quality health care.

Conservative Republicans don't want to meet the need at all, and they want to repeal it.

Moderate Republicans want to repeal and replace it with a system that relies more on free-market management and less government.

A minority of Americans don't want to be required to have healthcare. They are misguided and their actions undermine the need to spread the cost across the largest population of participants possible.

The more citizens learn about the Republican alternatives that will definitely harm tens of millions of Americans, they resist and object to it. They will likely sound their objections at the polls in November.

That is why it is hard for Republicans to go on the record, doing the wrong thing, and doing it harshly.

"New ObamaCare repeal bill on life support
BY SCOTT WONG - 04/27/17 05:14 PM EDT   
The tide is quickly turning against the new ObamaCare repeal legislation.
At least 21 Republicans have said they would vote no on the revised GOP healthcare bill negotiated by centrist Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.) and conservative Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.). 
Those "no" votes include Reps. Patrick Meehan (Pa.), Ryan Costello (Pa.), Barbara Comstock (R-Va.), Jaime Herrera Beutler (Wash.) and John Katko (N.Y.), all centrists who had reservations about the previous ObamaCare repeal bill that was pulled from a floor vote last month because of a lack of GOP support."

Health Care is a Human Right

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Democrats should keep their eyes on the future

Last year on this day, here is what I wrote. As a journalist, you are on the record forever.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wondering about Vice Presidential candidates

First of all, if you don’t like the candidates that you have, you can almost bet that they will not pick a VP that is equal to or greater than themselves. American voters have little say in the leading candidates making the choice, except to accept or reject the entire ticket.

Democrats will most likely select Hillary Clinton. Rumored is that she might pick a woman running mate. That would appropriate since there has been a long deficit in women heading the executive branch of government.

In fact, women have been deficiently represented in Congress.

I proposed that for every Congressional District Representative and Senator that there be two seats, one woman, and one man. That would double the seats in Congress in both branches. That is a good idea because the workload is too high for the present staffing.  That would ensure a measure of gender equality.

Who are the leading women Democrats who “could be” qualified to run for president?

1. Health And Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
Health And Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

No, not her. Sebelius is not qualified.

2. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano

Marginally qualified.

3. Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar
Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Marginally acceptable.

4. New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

Marginally and maybe better than Clinton or Warren. Surely better than Sanders.

5. New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen
New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen


6. Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill
Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill


7. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren

As qualified as Hillary Clinton and more qualified than Sanders.

8. Former Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire
Former Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire

Marginally qualified.

9. California Attorney General Kamala Harris
California Attorney General Kamala Harris

Not qualified.

10. Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg
Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg

Not qualified.

Evan McMorris-Santoro is the White House correspondent for BuzzFeed News who made the list.

At the outset, this analyst advocated a Mark Warner and Kirsten Gillibrand ticket, and it didn’t matter who was on top.

Democrats should keep their eyes on the prize.

Trump pretense on tax reform

Today, there was a press conference introducing Donald Trump's ideas about tax reform. They are superfluous and hype, the fodder of a political campaign and not actionable legislation. An incumbent President is expected to put meat on the table and not bony ideas.

The intention to simplify is good. The claim that American corporations pay too much is a boldface lie. That is what is expected from this illegitimate President who mixes facts, fiction, and folklore interchangeably.

It is just more bullshit, and nothing will happen between now and the next time that you must prepare your tax return.

By the way, we are still awaiting Donald Trump's tax return.

"White House unveils plan to overhaul tax code in what could be a major test of President Trump's ability to achieve his agenda 
The announcement of the plan — a set of principles with few details — will set off a major push on Capitol Hill to advance tax legislation later this year, as well as a massive lobbying battle over its provisions. The plan includes sharp cuts to individual and business tax rates. 
Republicans will likely criticize the plan for massively increasing the deficit, and Democrats will say that it disproportionately benefits the wealthy. 
The stakes are huge for Trump, who wants to follow in the footsteps of other Republican presidents who’ve made tax cuts a central part of their legacies." 
The Washington Post email

First Presidential Task

Failure at this can be fatal to the Presidency. The first task of the President of the United States is staffing. Qualifying, vetting and selecting and appointing is a process that must begin far in advance winning the election. The provisional shadow government must be seated in advance. There is so little time to get the job done in a live operational environment.

That is the downside of selecting a President who has no political experience. It can be fatal to government performance and the presidency.

"Lisa Rein has a fascinating story on the front page of today’s paper about Cabinet secretaries who are growing increasingly exasperated with how slowly the White House is moving to fill top-tier posts. They believe the vacancies in their departments are hobbling efforts to oversee basic government operations and promote Trump’s agenda. 
It turns out that one important explanation for the sluggish process is that lots of people inside the White House have veto power over who gets even junior jobs. Trump, who fancies himself a decisive leader, is in many ways governing by committee, something Republicans often attacked Barack Obama for." 
Power Post/The Washington Post email

Read my book: How to Select an American President by James A. George with James A. Rodger (c) 2017 Archway Publishing.

Congress misses the mark on healthcare

Start with the required outcome: "Affordable health care for all Americans of equal quality."

The metric is 100% coverage. Got it or not?

Right now, Obamacare comes close. The Republican Congress is way off the mark. Their motivation to appeal to conservatives in their party puts the endgame even wider from the goalposts.
"House GOP circulates new changes to health bill 
House Republicans are circulating the text of an amendment to their ObamaCare replacement bill that they believe could bring many conservatives on board. 
According to the legislative text of the amendment obtained by The Hill, the measure would allow states to apply for waivers to repeal one of ObamaCare’s core protections for people with pre-existing conditions." 
The Hill email
Republicans in government are not listening to their constituents.

No deal

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Americans have no clue

Regarding the "size of government," stories are ridiculous. The Pew researchers surveyed to discover what citizens believe about government size, which illustrates how pointless polls can be.

The form of government should follow the function of government. The question should be, what is the highest order purpose of government in the democratic republic under the US Consitution?

In my books, How to Select and American President by James A. George with James A. Rodger (c) 2107 Archway Publishing and Smart Data, Enterprise Performance Optimization Strategy (c) 2010 Wiley Publishing, I proposed this:

Purpose of the American Government

Optimize the return on national resources through collaboration among individuals and public and private enterprises.

Government creates the optimal environment in which these entities can thrive to create a good life for all in the absence of poverty on individual merit and with consideration for those who are disabled or unable.

Private enterprise creates wealth from which government enterprise operates in proportion.

Citizen needs and demands are the drivers which are constrained by economics and laws and regulations that ensure economic, social, and environmental responsibility in balance.

Comprehending the meaning of this is worthy of much discussion because this analyst believes that most people are clueless about it.


Monday, April 24, 2017

Trump's choice of words

Ignorant Americans who voted for Donald Trump and the Republican regime are being eaten alive yet don't seem to realize it yet. 

What do you want, "cheap" premiums for worthless healthcare or healthcare that is affordable and underwritten by wealthy people who can afford to assist?

According to The Hill Healthcare, President Trump is hawking cheaper premium and something that he calls "real healthcare."

Of course, no one knows what that means because he lies 63% of the time, and doesn't know what he is talking about mostly.

Intelligent citizens know what they want, and from everything that is known about Republicans and their motivations, they will not get it.

What American citizens need and want is affordable healthcare for all Americans with equal quality care. We want a plan that is as easy and addressable as Medicare. Get to work,

"President Trump said that the GOP healthcare plan will lead to cheaper premiums and "real healthcare" in a Twitter message Monday. 
"If our healthcare plan is approved, you will see real healthcare and premiums will start tumbling down. ObamaCare is in a death spiral!" Trump tweeted. 
A report from the Congressional Budget Office last month said the GOP's American Health Care Act would lower premiums for single people while raising them for older or lower-income people. 
His tweet comes as lawmakers return from a two-week recess with expectations they will revive talks on a bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare. 
Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) told members Saturday during a conference call that a deal between centrists and conservatives is close, but there would be no vote until it's certain there is enough support to pass the legislation."


Truth 'kills' Trump, not media

Trump was quoted by The Hill this morning referring to the President's Tweet:

“No matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been a lot (including S.C.), media will kill!” he tweeted Friday." 
The Hill

No, it is not the media, Mr. Trump. It is no one except you who must bear the responsibility for saying what you are going to do and then doing it.

Donald Trump is the biggest lying President ever. Being the most ill-prepared and uninformed, his learning curve is too much. He is unfit and on course for being the biggest failure in American history.

He has created chaos and made a lot of noise. His actions have undermined government performance across many departments whose missions are to deliver critical services to needy citizens.

The damage report is developing. Stay tuned to this and other channels because the truth detectives are at work.

I am not a lemon.

Sinking the armada is immaginable

Whether in Asian or Mediterranian Seas, US warships are highly vulnerable to enemy attacks. American enemies have increasing capabilities, and a salvo of even old-style weapons can sink a fleet. That should give war-planners pause.

To be certain, the ships are well-equipped with anti-attack technologies. Still, the idea of an onslaught of numbers of incoming missiles can swamp defenses.

That is another reason why Americans and allies want to prevent North Korea and Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and delivery capabilities.

"North Korea 'ready to sink' US aircraft carrier Vinson
23 April 2017 
The Vinson battle group was conducting exercises with the Japanese navy in the Philippine Sea on Sunday 
North Korea is "ready to sink" a US aircraft carrier heading for the peninsula, state media have said. 
A commentary in the Rodong Sinmun newspaper warned that the USS Carl Vinson could be sunk "with a single strike". 
A battle group headed by the Vinson is expected off the peninsula this week.
It was despatched by President Donald Trump amid a warning that US "strategic patience" over the North's nuclear ambitions had come to an end.
Tension also rose after a recent failed missile test by the North and a massive military parade showing off its latest hardware."

Getty Image

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Trump, Voters' Big Mistake

The lead story on National Public Radio this Sunday calls Donald Trump an "entry-level" President, meaning making the grade barely if that. 

It is not his fault because blame never belongs to Donald Trump, correct?

Whose fault is it that the incumbent President is grossly unfit? This article analyzes the situation.

American political parties operate without standards for their purposeful performance. What are the primary tasks of political parties?

  • Task 1: Establish and maintain the Party Platform that defines the brand and guides its constituents.
  • Task 2: Recruit and cultivate leaders at all levels of government.
  • Task 3: Establish standards for elected jobs at all levels.
  • Task 4: Vet, verify and validate candidates' resumes.
  • Task 5: Support candidates and their campaigns.
  • Task 6: Continuously engage citizens to improve the Platform constantly.

Donald Trump has a failed resume. A proper vetting would have precluded his bearing the Republican brand. Now, he has tarnished the Republican brand by making it Trump.

Trump's First 100 Days: An 'Entry-Level' Presidency
April 23, 20177:00 AM ET
Domenico Montanaro - 2015 
With any new president, there's a learning curve. But for President Trump, it's been steeper than others. 
"Mount Everest" is how Barbara Perry, director of presidential studies at the Miller Center at the University of Virginia, described it ahead of Trump's 100th day in office, which is coming up Saturday, April 29. "It's as steep as they come and ice-covered, and he didn't bring very many knowledgeable Sherpas with him."
Trump's ascension to the presidency is an unlikely story. The flashy New York billionaire and former reality TV star cut a very different image than any American president before him. He's the first with no government, military or political experience. In an age of frustration with the political establishment on both sides of the aisle, that background had a certain appeal."

NPR Image

Out of time.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Unthinkable War with the DPRNK more Possible

It makes no sense of the "Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea," to ignite a war with the US and its allies. Its words seem relentless in this pursuit. The nation state is not democratic at all. It is an authoritarian dictatorship.

What is the point of sparking a self-destructive conflagration that would spoil all in the Korean Peninsula?

It makes no sense at all, especially not to the leaders who would be the first to go.

"Now that we possess mighty nuclear power to protect ourselves from US nuclear threat, we will respond without the slightest hesitation to full-out war with full-out war and to nuclear war with our style of nuclear strike, and we will emerge victor in the final battle with the United States," the North's foreign ministry said in a statement. 
The North will celebrate the 85th anniversary of the foundation of its Korean People's Army on Tuesday and has marked important events in the past by launching missiles or conducting nuclear tests."

China must curtail this nonsense with an intrusive intervention that is far more than halting the hauling of coal. Regime change is in order, and China must pull the trigger as only they can without blasting the region away.

'US strike group to arrive off the Korean peninsula in days 
amid concerns, the North is ramping up for a sixth nuclear test.'

Friday, April 21, 2017

Anticipating Trump Impeachment

When the odds are 50:50 that Donald Trump will be impeached, that should give rise to anticipation and preparation for what might happen next. The reasons for Trump’s possible demise are not too complex to understand.

First, Trump may be impeached for Constitutional violations that include the Emolument Clause that specifies no conflicts of interest.

Second, there is the charge of Misprision of Fraud for his having covered up about what he knew about Michael Flynn and what he concealed from Mike Pence.

Third, there an aggregation of lying charges that might address his making false statement and allegations as a Federal Government Official that is a crime.

What would be the odds of Trump facing charges if the Congress were not Republican-controlled and if the leaders were not obstructing justice? Trump would most certainly face impeachment and this analyst believes the probability would rise to 80%.

Now, the next iteration of charges become even more serious. They begin with the Treasury and IRS examination of Trump’s business practices and tax obligations.

Fourth, the Treasury, FBI, and National Security Agency have been investigation Trump and his campaign staff and organization. The investigations start with his business relationships that are linked to the Emolument Clause. More, if the IRS determines criminal activity, that would make Trump liable and prosecution could lead to impeachment and possible incarceration.

Fifth, if the investigators establish that there were coordination and collusion by Trump and his associates with the Russians to interfere in American elections, that would lead to charges of Treason where the ultimate penalty is death.

As the prosecution line progresses, the probability of Trump being found guilty increases.

The stakes are high because if Trump falls, so does his administration and appointments including the Vice President. In addition, if members of Congress were also obstructing justice and covering for the President, they will be disqualified from the chain of command protocol. All of that leads to a place where the nation has never been.

What do you do when the President and Republican-Controlled Congress is declared corrupt and illegitimate?

Trump Impeachment Odds Now Even 
A UK betting house says odds are 50/50 Trump will finish his first term.
James Grebey April 19, 2017 
Donald Trump is the President of the United States. But if oddsmakers are right, there’s a good chance that he won’t hold office for that long. There are many reasons Trump could be impeached or resign before his first term ends. 
As of the morning of April 19, Trump’s odds of leaving office before his first term were dead even. Image

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Transition Management

Something that I did not address in my book, How to Select an American President by James A. George with James A. Rodger (c) 2017 Archway Publishing is the importance of a president having the knowledge, skill, and ability to manage the transition from the past administration to the incumbency. Vox News addressed the subject by first quoting Henry Kissinger who spoke about Jarred Kushner.

"Transitioning the presidency between parties is one of the most complex undertakings in American politics. The change triggers an upheaval in the intangible mechanisms by which Washington runs: an incoming President is likely to be less familiar with formal structures, and the greater that gap, the heavier the responsibility of those advisers who are asked to fill it. 
This space has been traversed for nearly four months by Jared Kushner, whom I first met about 18 months ago when he introduced himself after a foreign policy lecture I had given. We have sporadically ­exchanged views since. As part of the Trump family, Jared is familiar with the intangibles of the President. As a graduate of Harvard and NYU, he has a broad education; as a businessman, a knowledge of administration. All this should help him make a success of his daunting role flying close to the sun."

Henry Kissinger

The Vox report underscored this obvious point: "(Kushner) has no formal qualifications in foreign policy or experience in government and is now occupying arguably the most important policy role in the White House."

He is also about to be indicted for collusion with the Russians.

Too much sun.

Trump 'tower' is falling

The failed and illegitimate presidency is falling apart while the nation rolls along as if a broken and corrupt government doesn't matter. Another season of "Homeland," this is not; it is a true-life predicament.  The Russians have thrown a monkey wrench into the American Political System. Americans are hijacked, and the mechanism for instituting justice is obstructed by Republican members of Congress all of which must be purged and prosecuted. 

Behind the scene, the Treasury, FBI, and National Security Agency likely have sufficient evidence to prosecute the President, Vice President, Speaker of the House and Senate Majority leader and much more for coordinating with Russians to interfere in American elections.

Add to that, the more instant and prosecutable offenses that include:

  1. Emolument Clause Violation
  2. Misprision of Fraud
  3. Lying by a Federal Government official
  4. Nepotism and Violations of Ethics

The only remedy is to impeach the present government with exception of members of Congress who have not gone along with Trump and corrupt Republican leaders. The US Supreme Court (minus Gorsuch) must collaborate with members of Congress to restore a legitimate government following the rule of law.

Wake up fellow Americans and get a grip as this is your government.

"A Congressman Just Revealed Trump’s Son-In-Law Kushner May Be Indicted
"Intel source: FBI discovers Kremlin is blackmailing Jason Chaffetz over Donald Trump and Russia
By Bill Palmer
Updated: 4:12 pm EDT Fri Apr 14, 2017" 
"Congress Just Filed A Bill To Allow Ex-Presidents To Remove Trump From Office

Oust the Trump regime

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Blabbing Trump is irresponsible

As reported earlier today on this blog; President Donald Trump was spewing untruth in the realm of military and foreign policy when he said that was Strikeforce was headed toward North Korea in response to the republic's missile testing.

No, that is not what is happening according to Defense Secretary James Mattis. The President is spouting lies, that is consistent with his undisciplined and cavalier behavior.

He is a most dangerous person in the office of President where his legitimacy is challenged among a torrent of allegations and investigations.

Read: Reckless and Feckless:
"US defense chiefs have been clarifying the whereabouts of warships that President Trump erroneously suggested last week were sailing for North Korea. 
US Defence Secretary James Mattis said the USS Carl Vinson strike group is now proceeding to the Western Pacific. 
The ship is part of what President Trump said last week was an "armada" being deployed off North Korea amid tensions over its nuclear plans."

Blabbing fool

America's Safety Net

Who is responsible for providing a safeguard against possible hardship or adversity? That is a good topic for political parties and their member representatives.

My book, How to Select an American President, by James A. George with James A. Rodger (c) 2017 Archway Publishing addresses the idea in a larger context. That is, what is the role and responsibility of government in ensuring a good life for all citizens.

A "good life" requires definition and that is something that our political leaders and institutions must address. A good life is surely not one that subjects people to poverty.

I have advocated that poverty should be against the law. Otherwise, the government should ensure that no one lives in poverty.

Most adult citizens have the capacity to work to earn a living and to be self-sustainable. Some adults make mistakes by having children for which they do not have the capacity to support them. Therefore, there is a gap that must be filled, and I suggest that is a public responsibility.

Many adults who are underperforming and below sustaining their obligations can improve when given specific types of assistance that include supplemental education, training, and child support. Those are some things that are necessary to fill the gap and to improve such that individuals can advance on their initiative.

Other gap-fillers include housing, food, transportation, and clothing, for instance.

If citizens declare that these things are the role of governments at all levels and that governments are responsible for 100% of the performance assurance, then where might charities come into play?

The fact is that if the government was doing its duty, the role of charities would be to enhance as desired, and not as required. That is, there should be no tax deductions for charitable contributions because, after all, the gifts are from the pure goodness of hearts.

"Trump eyes cap on charitable deductionsBY ALEXANDER BOLTON - 04/19/17 06:00 AM EDT"


Reckless and Feckless Trump Report

In the midst of nuclear bullying with the North Koreans whereby the North Koreans have persisted in pushing Asia nations to the limit along with the US, Donald Trump blustered.

Mr. Bluster aka Donald Trump, diplomat, sent Mike Pence to the waterfront and rattled the cage that he has sent an armada too. Pence, the grimacing look-tough sort was there to assure allies.

Meanwhile, journalists tracking the US Carl Vinson armada found it in war-game maneuvers with Australia over 1,000 miles away from North Korea.

There are some problems here, but one thing must be underscored, and that is everybody can track ships. If you know where they are and have modern warfare, you can find them and sink them.

True is that the armadas are well defended. They can only defend so much before the run out of ammunition and become sitting ducks. That is the proverbial Achilles heal.

"North Korea tension: US 'Armada' was not sailing to Korean peninsula 
Mike Pence calls North Korea 'most dangerous threat.' 
A US aircraft carrier and other warships did not sail towards North Korea - but went in the opposite direction, it has emerged. 
The US Navy said on 8 April that the Carl Vinson strike group was traveling to the Korean peninsula amid tensions over Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions. 
Last week President Trump said an "armada" was being sent.
But the group was farther away over the weekend, moving through the Sunda Strait into the Indian Ocean."

Fish out of water, far from Indiana

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trump's 'Economic Nationalism'

Donald Trump is issuing an Executive Order to initiate emphasis on hiring American workers first. What are the concerns about this action?

To begin, ensuring that all American citizens are optimally employed should be a requirement of the overarching policy. The primary purpose of the federal government is to optimize return on national resources in partnership with citizens and private enterprises. Do you agree, yes or no?

If you agree, then is that supported by your political party and by the President's manifesto of policies?

President Trump's action presumes the following:
  1. Exceptionally qualified citizen workers are not being hired by American corporations and are therefore underemployed or not employed. Is that true or false?
  2. American employers have the right to recruit workers from the global marketplace to hire the best and brightest that they can find? Is that true or false?
  3. The National employment policy seeks to develop and nurture American workers such that they are the best and brightest workers? Is that true or false?
What is the nation doing to ensure that the workforce is the best and brightest such that is can staff the needs of American corporations with superior candidates in a globally competitive economy?

You see, the Political Parties, Congress, and the President get an "incomplete" for their fragmented and deficient actions. They are failing to address citizen needs completely.

"By combining aspects of immigration policy with federal procurement regulations, Trump is using executive action to advance his philosophy of economic nationalism without waiting for action from Congress.  But like many of his previous executive orders, the order will largely call on cabinet secretaries to fill in the details with reports and recommendations about what the administration can legally do. 
Specifically targeted: The H-1B visa program, which allows 85,000 foreign workers into the United States each year to take specific high-skilled jobs with U.S. companies. The program is popular with the information technology industry, which Trump has accused of "importing low-wage workers on H-1B visas to take jobs from young college-trained Americans." 
The executive order will stop short of the one to two-year moratorium on new skilled worker visas that Trump called for during the campaign. And it comes too late to have a direct effect on this year's visa season, which opened April 3."
We the People demand better performance from our elected representatives.

Economic Nationalism

Monday, April 17, 2017

China has better choices

Reading the news of late as the world is once again on the precipice of nuclear violence, China is on center stage along with the central cast from Asian Global Politics. It is an old show that is periodically updated and renewed by a change in actors.

Today, we have Donald Trump and Mike Pence introducing new dynamics. They are aggressive, where Obama was formerly more process-oriented.

The subject here is China that is derived from a story by The Washington Post that reports how North Korea and South Korea are ignoring China's sanctions. South Korea with the US is deploying a powerful anti-missile defense system that China doesn't want.

North Korea is testing powerful new nuclear weapons and ICBMs to deliver them. China has imposed sanctions against that.

What if America's "Big Dealmaker" sprung into action? Could Trump introduce better alternatives to China?

1. China could cooperate with the US in deploying anti-missile defense systems.

2. The US could cooperate with China in resolving certain territorial disputes to lessen tensions.

3. The US could facilitate improved relations between Japan, South Korea, China and other APEC Nations.

4. The peace alliance could conceive better options for North Koreans to live as harmonious neighbors through nuclear disarmament.

5. The US could stop making "communism" and "socialism" the enemies, and focus on Democratic Pluralism

"BEIJING — More than half a century ago, hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers died in the Korean War, fighting on the side of their Communist allies against the American-backed South. Today, China finds itself in the uncomfortable position of falling out with both the Communist North and capitalist South of this troublesome peninsula, imposing sanctions on both countries but getting no satisfaction from either. 
On Monday, South Korea announced it would press ahead with the “swift deployment” of an American missile defense system despite relentless and vociferous Chinese opposition. 
In February, China said it was cutting off coal imports from North Korea by sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council in a bid to persuade the country to abandon its nuclear and missile program. On Sunday, North Korea ignored China’s pleadings not to raise regional tensions by conducting another missile test, albeit one that failed. 
China has also deployed an unofficial and unilateral package of sanctions against South Korea to persuade it not to deploy an American missile defense system. On Monday, as Vice President Pence warned North Korea not to test U.S. resolve, South Korea’s acting president, Hwang Kyo-ahn, vowed to press ahead with the “swift deployment” of that system, known as Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD."

Build a wall?

Trump and Tax Filing Distraction

For a long time now, American citizens have sought disclosure of  Donald Trump's IRS tax filings. Why? Because therein are answers revealing his conflicts of interest. Also, the tax filings will show the extent to which Trump pays his fair share and how he leverages tax laws to minimize his obligations.

While Trump has no legal obligation to make his filing public, the  US Treasury Department has full access and, according to Trump and verified by the IRS, he is being audited.

Most important, if the IRS discovers anything illegal worthy of an investigation it will share it with the FBI. The FBI and National Security Agency have an active investigation into Trump and his campaign associates for a number of probable causes including:

  • Emolument Clause Violations
  • Misprision of Fraud
  • Coordinating and Colluding with the Enemy
  • Lying as a Federal Government Representative
  • Tax Dodging

Little things such as nepotism and other ethics violations might fall under the purvue of Congress to police. However, the evidence shows that the Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader among other Republican Congressmen have obstructed justice or are otherwise conflicted. They cannot conduct impartial investigations.

All of this amounts to an impending Constitutional Crisis whereby the US Government is defined as illegitimate. The standing protocols for the restablishing government after the President and his Vice President and cabinet members are impeached are undermined by a corrupt Congress.

This means that the US Government will be in the hands of the US Supreme Court and the members of Congress who are not compromised by the alleged Trump corruption crimes.

Hold onto your government with the rule of law with all of your might as this democratic nation will get its biggest test ever.

The way forward includes:
  • Prosecuting crimes
  • Establishing temporary governance
  • Initiating a new election
  • Resetting under the US Constitution 

Do Over