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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Blabbing Trump is irresponsible

As reported earlier today on this blog; President Donald Trump was spewing untruth in the realm of military and foreign policy when he said that was Strikeforce was headed toward North Korea in response to the republic's missile testing.

No, that is not what is happening according to Defense Secretary James Mattis. The President is spouting lies, that is consistent with his undisciplined and cavalier behavior.

He is a most dangerous person in the office of President where his legitimacy is challenged among a torrent of allegations and investigations.

Read: Reckless and Feckless:
"US defense chiefs have been clarifying the whereabouts of warships that President Trump erroneously suggested last week were sailing for North Korea. 
US Defence Secretary James Mattis said the USS Carl Vinson strike group is now proceeding to the Western Pacific. 
The ship is part of what President Trump said last week was an "armada" being deployed off North Korea amid tensions over its nuclear plans."

Blabbing fool

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