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Friday, April 7, 2017

Russians Backed Syrian Sarin Attack

Russians at the base from where Assad initiated the sarin attack on civilians were well aware of the Syrian's actions and either supported or ignored it. Either way, Russians support Assad.

Hillary Clinton said in advance that Trump would be correct in attacking the military base from which the Syrians launched a chemical weapons attack.

Trump informed Congress of his intentions and is operating under the same legal documents used by Obama to attack as necessary in that theater where Americans are engaged in the war against ISIS and other terrorists.

The Russians protest the Americans attack, of course.

Today, at dawn's early light, there will be lots of questions about the end game.

Trump has already said that he favors establishing safe zones for civilians in Syria. That's a good idea.

Trump wants to act in concert with allies.

Russia is not an ally.

Democrats in Congress are not allies either.

Stay tuned.

This will be Trump's war.

CNN Screen Grab

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