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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Russians can't cover for evil anymore

The Trump administration has found traction in confronting Assad and his Russian counterparts. During the Obama administration, the Syrian affair became a cold proxy war with only one willing warrior and that was the Russians.

Now, that has changed. Donald Trump ordered an airstrike on a Syrian military base from which a sarin gas bomb attack was launched. Bear in mind that the assault came with a notice to the Russians and that they notified or otherwise acted in such a manner as to tell the Syrians.

The Syrians made some hasty effort to hide or remove some assets. Nonetheless, the airstrike served to put them all on notice.

Subsequently, the Syrians attacked again with a different chemical. There is no response yet, other that the war of words.

The verbal onslaught includes:

1. Russians were incompetent in eliminating Syrian chemical weapons, or they were complicit in the attack.

2. The US won't tolerate more of the same and the advance notifications are over. Let it be known that the Americans are at war with the Syrian government and with ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Anticipate that the US will assemble a coalition of Arab nations to confront the evils.

Next stop, Iran, and North Korea. The US isn't messing around anymore.

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