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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Taunting and bullying is not a feud

It takes two to tango. Donald Trump is a bully who never stops. That is because he tries to ignite topics that distract from his criminal behaviors.

  1. He is in violation of the Emolument Clause of the US Constitution for conflicts of interest that highly observable.
  2. He has committed Misprision of Fraud in his complicit actions with Michael Flynn.
  3. His case is in the court, charged with sexual assault and misogyny.
  4. He has consistently issued illegal executive orders.
  5. He has committed slander with libel against former President Obama and others.
  6. He lies most of the time (63%), and that is a violation of federal lie prohibiting that from a federal government official.
  7. He has violated nepotism laws.
  8. He is under investigation for conspiring and coordinating with Russians to interfere in the fair election process which is a treasonable offense with a possible death penalty.
  9. He has defrauded students of Trump University for which he settled out of court.
  10. He publically defended Bill O'Rielly's sexual harassment because he too is a misogynist. 

The majority of citizens are onto his abusive behavior and have had enough. Congress is obstructing justice by failing to act to stop it.

"Trump feud with Obama intensifies 
The Trump administration has escalated its feud with the Obama administration, creating a virtually unprecedented situation in which the current and former U.S. executive branches are openly fighting."

Unacceptable and Unfit

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