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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The more he moves, the more he is mistaken

That is, President Trump has had too many false starts. His erratic behavior increases risks and undermines effectiveness. He is the "chaos President."

The news is that Steve Bannon has been removed from the National Security Council. That is a good move that comes after Trump's mistaken appointment that is evidence of his being unfit. I also had trouble with the shakiness of the cabinet during the Obama administration.

Achieving stability in key positions is essential for having management continuity. Citizens are served best by cabinet incumbency that ensures their optimal return on the cost of seating them.

Think about that. Each appointment and approval consume scarce resources of time and cost. The constant shifting and early departure of people from their positions undermine efficiency and performance.

The next thing you know, he will move Jared Kushner to that spot. Heaven forbid.

"President Trump has removed chief White House strategist Steve Bannon from his role on the National Security Council (NSC), Bloomberg reported Wednesday.  
Bannon in January was elevated to a position on the NSC principals committee, in a shake-up of the council. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and director of national intelligence had their roles downgraded in the move. 
The Joint Chiefs chairman and intelligence director are having their roles on the principal's committee restored, the report said."

Trump and Bannon

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