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Monday, May 15, 2017

Do you trust Trump?

Nope. Donald Trump is about to fly off for a tour of nations, leaving behind a smoldering mess if his creation. His presidency is a pack of lies and baseless allegations. His actions are proven to be without proper preparation, analysis, and understanding.

He and the Republican Congress have failed on healthcare. The prospects of their passing meaningful legislation dim while the Republican Party is divided.

How do you feel about Donald Trump wandering into foreign relations as this time?

You tell me, and I will listen here.

Consider that Trump has appointed both a hostile and in many instances incompetent department heads, and the Republican Senate has rubber stamped his appointments. The Republican Senate materially changed the intent of the Constitution and Founding Fathers by eliminating the filibuster and changing approvals from 60 to 51 votes. That action should have required a Constitutional amendment.

Now, Congress is broken by obstruction of justice and the undermining of the US Constitution in multiple ways including failure to prosecute Trump for Emolument Clause Violations.

Next, he wants to rubber stamp the FBI. Are we citizens to allow that to happen?

Tell the US Department of Justice that you want a Special Prosecutor. I did.

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  1. Tell the Congress that you want Trump grounded.