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Monday, May 22, 2017

Don't Russian to Judgment

"Don't Russian to Judgment" is a Freudian slip. A handful of Republican loyalists brave dishonor and uphold the rule of law, cautioning not to get ahead of the evidence. Some complain the evidence is unsourced to anonymous leakers.

Why do leakers talk to the press? They are professionals who witness wrongdoing and untruthfulness and have no effective means to blow the whistle without retribution.

The free press is essential in a democracy because partisan politicians obstruct fact-finding beginning with the President of the United States and his Republican-controlled Congress.

President Donald Trump danced all over democracy by trying to get the leaders of the intelligence community to impune the investigation into Russian interference and possible collusion by members of Trump's campaign team. He obviously fired James Comey by his own words to stop the investigation.

Those actions are obstruction of justice.

Covering up Michael Flynn's transgressions and lying about it is Misprision of Fraud, an impeachable offense.

There are many more allegations and developing facts. We can wait for Robert Mueller to put the case together.

This doesn't wash off.

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