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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Free press is working

Up against a hostile President and some members of Congress, the free press is aligned with citizens to keep the spotlight on the truth wherever that may lead. As in independent journalist, that is what I am doing with my blog and in my books too.

The challenge to improve democracy is to keep the public engaged in the process. It is to inspire you, voters, to improve your abilities and actions by gaining more knowledge and skills in selecting and electing representatives.

The standards must be increased, and only you can insist on it.

There are gaps and lags in the instance of Donald Trump and allegations of his being corrupt, conflicted, and illegitimate. Consider the process lifecycle:

1. Laws, regulations, and standards define right from wrong, acceptable and unacceptable.

Codified laws and regulations are explicit standards. Contemporary practices and individual mores are along a continuum of variables.

2. Professional standards govern the work of journalists that are embraced by members of the profession.

Media corporations from whom journalists work have varying management practices and controls over their employees. Some owners impose their values by hiring reporters that are more of less aligned with their political views. To that extent, they undermine professional values and standards.

Therein, it had become harder for citizen consumers to separate fact, fiction, and folklore. However, with or without the help of journalists to get the truth, citizens must make their individual judgments anyway.

As an independent journalist who has worked in private enterprise as a consultant and as a media executive, I tell my readers that my bias stems from my embracing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as my standard. Second, I embrace the US Consitution and am fiercely loyal to my nation. I have served my country.

I am now working directly for you. Ask me questions. Provide information for my action. I will do what I can to help all of us get the information that we need to make better decisions.

James George, Independent Journalist

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