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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

One of many Trump mistakes

Donald Trump allegedly sent at least three memos requesting that the FBI end the investigation into Michael Flynn and his connections with the Russians and following relationships with members of the Trump campaign. If true, and it is about to be verified, that would be obstruction of justice by President Trump that is an impeachable offense. 

In the meantime, the secondary story is that he recklessly shared information with the Russians.

It is essential that Congress move at once to 1) censor Trump from taking diplomatic trips and 2) initiate impeachment proceedings while 3) appointing a special prosecutor.

Trump's spiral downward was anticipated and reported here, step by step with full accuracy.

"It's a big deal, and we want to make sure sensitive information is handled properly," a European diplomat told CNN, adding that the country represented by the diplomat would not cut communications with the US entirely but could potentially reassess what information is transmitted at the political level. 
The diplomat -- who spoke to CNN on the condition that neither their name nor country was identified -- said allied agencies could explore ways to share specific information through channels used only by military and intelligence officials. 
Another European diplomat told CNN that Europeans are expecting cooperative exchanges with the US on this matter and avoiding US unilateral measures. 
An EU-US meeting on airline security and electronics devices Wednesday afternoon in Brussels will allow US Deputy Secretary Elaine Duke to share information with EU allies; the diplomat told CNN. 
"It is somewhat surprising, though, that Intel was shared on this issue, with Russian Minister (Sergey) Lavrov, before being shared with ministers of allied countries," the diplomat said. 
A third diplomatic source representing a country that shares intelligence with both Russia and the US told CNN that since Trump's reported revelations seemed to be a mistake, there is less concern than if the CIA deliberately shared the information to another country. 
"He made a mistake ... It likely won't happen again," the diplomatic source said.

You are disgracing the nation.

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