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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Republican agenda rattled by distractions

Donald Trump is undermining his party's legislative agenda. That might be one reason to thank him for the disruption.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other senior leaders are frustrated that Donald Trump's behavior is slowing down the legislative process and making it harder to pass laws.

True is that the nation has a budget, spending, debt and deficit crisis that needs continuous management. Also true is that President Trump's approach is sloppy and not fact-based. Nor is the Senate's approach performed with facts and precision.

Compounding the Senate's issues is the House of Representatives produces extremely deficient legislation that requires a from-scratch do over. The House throws garbage over the wall for the Senate to duck and remove.

The only way forward is for citizen voters to keep the heat on and for Democratic Legislators to do more than watch and smirk.

CNN describes the environment this way.

"Another distraction 
It was another distraction from a governing agenda that, only a week ago, appeared on track. Comey clean-up efforts largely crowded out attempts to move on to other items, leading to fears among White House staff that Trump's governing agenda may be derailed. 
Aside from vague references to rebuilding the military during his Mother's Day remarks, Trump has otherwise made no mention of policy in public since Thursday of last week, when his administration hit its high mark after passage of a GOP health care bill in the House of Representatives. 
When he did emerge for a pair of interviews, Trump only seemed to deepen questions about the episode. He told NBC News on Thursday that he was thinking about the Russia probe when he made the call to dismiss the man overseeing it. He added he had long ago decided Comey must go. 
Both seemed to directly contradict the ways Trump's aides -- including Pence -- had been working to salvage the Comey storyline. 
After Trump told NBC that he'd long planned to fire Comey -- and was not, as Pence declared seven times on Capitol Hill Wednesday, acting on the advice of his Justice Department -- the Vice President found himself again in a position of being contradicted by his boss. 
"He's not rattled very often and he was a little rattled" about how the events transpired, a senior administration adviser said."

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