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Thursday, May 4, 2017

The GOP House Fraud on Healthcare

The US House of Representatives that is led by Speaker Paul Ryan. just served up a piece of legislative garbage that is much worse than the Affordable Care Act ever was. It wasn't perfect, but repairable.

Now, the hateful House has created legislation that hasn't even undergone the test to know what the results will be and the cost of change profile. What we the public do know is that it was created by very bad intentions.

Next, the Senate looked at it quickly and said no dice. Throw it in the garbage can, and they will do it over. That is how bad it is.

All the while, President Trump is ecstatic that the House is just doing something, even if in name only. He hasn't a clue about what the new bill says or means.

"Senators Turn to Health Care Bill and They Have Issues
House Republicans passed their health care bill at a whirlwind pace, pushing it through as soon as they had enough votes lined up without holding hearings on its impact or waiting for a report on how much it will cost. 
Now it's the Senate's turn, where things tend to move at a more genteel pace. Having largely sidestepped this week's House contentious debate, members say they'll need plenty of time to look things over and some have already expressed concerns about the plan's substance."
Your government is out to hurt millions of Americans and there is no check against it.

Demon in the House

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