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Friday, June 23, 2017

Confrontation Time

Peace-loving people haven't much appetite for confrontation. What we citizens face today is a hostile government that appears to have gained power by cheating the American political system. What are the charges and the evidence?

First, the Republican-controlled Congress allowed the conditions to exist in which Political Action Committees, wealthy persons, and lobbyists can amass large amounts of money to advance their candidates under the guise of free speech. The Court had no choice except to uphold Citizens United in representing that initiative because Congress had no desire to change the rule to ensure equal representation under the law. That is cheating the system and depriving citizens of their rights.

Second, the Donald Trump campaign employed lying as a strategy. It appears that they benefited from Russian interference and propaganda to help Trump. From Trump's own statements, he encouraged the Russians. While we don't yet know what the Special Prosecutor and investigators have discovered, we do know that the National Security Agency and FBI have verified Russian interference. We also know that Donald Trump has consistently refuted or undermined the finding which creates the appearance of aiding and abetting the Russians.

Third, Donald Trump has apparent conflicts of interest with his businesses that are unresolved and are violations of the Emolument Clause of the  Constitution. His family members, sons, daughter, and son-in-law have unresolved conflicts of interest and possibly more grave breaches as they are under investigation.

The Misprision of Fraud breach by Trump and Pence regarding Michael Flynn is an ongoing investigation with plenty of circumstantial evidence that should be of much concern to citizens.

Compounding these terrible circumstances is a Republican Party that is so conflicted in its pursuit of power that they are willing to sacrifice democracy to maintain it. The leadership is participants in obstruction of justice, and some may have colluded with the Trump campaign as it will likely be shown that it committed treasonous acts.

To go along with this circumstance is capitulation the Americans cannot afford. Witness today that The Trump White House continues to try to impede freedom of the press. Impairing the press must not be tolerated for an instant.

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