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Thursday, June 22, 2017


Republicans held onto two seats, one in Georgia and the other South Carolina. Neither of the seats is in Districts where Democrats had much chance of winning. They lost, but it is silly to say that this is a mandate for Trump or the Republican agenda outside of those districts. Such extrapolation is unfounded.

What is a fact, is that Democrats failed to post excellently qualified candidates.

"Special election sweep boosts Trump agenda 
The Republican sweep of four contested House special elections this year has handed President Trump and his party a much-needed boost to move a healthcare bill and perhaps more of their stalled legislative agenda. 
GOP officials in Washington breathed a sigh of relief after their candidate, Karen Handel, fended off Democrat Jon Ossoff in a Georgia runoff election Tuesday night — a race that Democrats had poured tens of millions of dollars into and billed as a referendum on the unpopular president and his policies." 
The Hill
Money can't buy Republican voters. They already have enough.


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