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Sunday, June 4, 2017

People Died in London, Trump Tweets

Radical extremist terrorists killed innocent pedestrians and slashed people in a knife attack. The terrorists were killed while 48 people recover from injuries and six were casualties.

Hours after this second horrific attack in England in a matter of weeks, President Trump was Tweeting a ridiculous lecture or taunt to the Mayor of London while he is working with his constituents to keep the calm.

Trump threw fuel on the flames of disaster with poor judgment and his big Tweeter mouth.

Fellow Americans, you must work steadfastly to remove Trump from office for his illegalities and his incompetence. Citizens do not have to extend more patience to this unacceptable regime. Trump and his radical Republicans are warring against American democracy on many fronts, and it appears that Democratic leadership is content on taking it without a competent fight.

Why is the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, still sitting in the office when the world saw him commit perjury? Why is Donald Trump still in office when it is clear that an Emolument Case should be lodged against him as well as Misprision of Fraud?

Enough, initiate the due process, and get these criminals in the court.

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