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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Long Slog

Following the Comey testimony today, it was a good time to contemplate. There is no doubt that democracy is being tested by this President and some members of the Republican Party. The focus is on how the Russians interfered with American elections. It is also about the extent to which Donald Trump, his campaign, and the political party went along for the ride.

My hunch is that Donald Trump has conflicts of interest in business, including with the Russians. That will only be resolved with an Emolument Clause investigation. I hope that is ongoing.

More immediate matters include Michael Flynn and his involvement with the Russians and Flynn's relationship with the Trump campaign and Donald Trump. There was an apparent violation that is characterized as Misprision of Fraud. All of that will become apparent as the Special Prosecutor does his job.

Along the way, perhaps as immanent, are apparent violations by Attorney General Jeff Session and Presidential Advisor, Jared Kushner, among others.

Due process takes time, and it is a good thing that bipartisan investigators are not presuming guilt as everyone has an opportunity to defend themselves.

Meanwhile, there are members of Congress who must be vigilant about their not obstructing justice and impeding the investigations. Some leaders may have already done that and investigations may include them as they have taken money from Russian sources, apparently.

That is the operative word, "apparently." Apparent means, seeming to be true, and there is a lot of that lying in circumstantial evidence.

Image from The New Yorker

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