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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Who will save the US from Trump's tyranny?

The tyrannical trend of Donald Trump is manifest by lies and a pattern of deceptive behavior. The damage that he inflicts is insidious.

Are Americans concerned that President Trump is violating the Emolument Clause of the Constitution with continuing business conflicts of interest? Are they concerned about his apparent ethics violations? How about his violations of lying as a Federal government official? How about Misprision of Fraud?

Top that off with Trump's persistence in advancing an immigration ban that is unlawful because it was rooted in bigotry and religious discrimination that are violations of the Constitution.

Parallel with renegade and rogue Trump is a Republican Congress that is content to go along with their leader. Where does that leave the United States of America? How great is that?

Where are the American heroes who will rescue the nation by the rule of law?

Americans had better be prepared to make better choices in the future. Please read my book: How to Select an American President by James A. George with James A. Rodger (c) 2017 Archway Publishing.

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