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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Stuck on Unfit

The news today reported by NPR, the channel that the GOP sought to shut down, is that most Americans believe that President Trump has done something wrong.

In conversations this past weekend with many Republicans, they wince at the President's behavior but continue to ask, "Where's the evidence." That is followed with, "How long will the investigation continue because apparently, they have nothing?"

Citizens and the Special Prosecutor have seen sufficient indications that warrant investigation. Investigating Trump's apparent violations of the Emolument Clause of the Constitution take much time because the IRS must consider a massively complex business with many tentacles. One might ask if the prosecutors or IRS find a single violation that is worthy of prosecution, must they wait to finish the rest before filing charges?

There is a Misprision of Fraud violation pending that is part of the Michael Flynn investigation. That is on the front burner of the Prosecutors and might be the first to pop. They won't advance that until they have exhausted obtaining as much information as they can from Flynn with a multitude of links to others in the Trump campaign including the President.

These matters are serious and detailed.

A more responsible Congress could pull the trigger on Trump's lying and slanderous allegations against former President Obama and others, though that will not happen because it is conflicted.

"A majority of Americans believe President Trump has done something either illegal or unethical when it comes to Russia, according to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll.
The 54 percent of people who believe something untoward has gone on include a quarter who believe the president has done something illegal in regards to his dealings with Russia, and 29 percent of Americans who think he has done something unethical, but not illegal. Thirty-six percent of Americans believe Trump has done nothing wrong. Those numbers reflect an increase in the number of Americans believing something either illegal or unethical went on compared to a February 2017 Marist survey when 49 percent of Americans thought the president had done something either illegal or unethical in regards to Russia."

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