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Friday, June 3, 2016

Accomplish something Marco Rubio

The talk today is about Marco Rubio and whether or not he will run for reelection to the Senate. He has snubbed the chamber as being ineffective and declared that he's not returning. He might consider running for President again in 2020. Well, this analyst says to forget about it.

In evaluating Marco Rubio, his big mistake was pursuing being a professional politician. That is not what Americans need to have in office. What we need are persons who have accomplished something extraordinary in life outside of government first. That is, invent a product that benefits millions; create a very large enterprise; manage a very large enterprise to produce extraordinary results.

Running for elected office in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Senate, and Presidency is for people who possess superior qualification and who have demonstrated extraordinary achievement in the context of a very large enterprise that is also representative of the diverse population.

Proven leadership comes from records of significant achievement. Being an effective chief executive of a large and complex enterprise should be on the resume.

The only way that Rubio should ever consider coming back to government is if he climbs to a higher bar on merit. That isn't likely to happen.

“What will Marco Rubio do? 
By Jordain Carney 
Sen. Marco Rubio is coming under heavy pressure inside and outside the Beltway to change his mind and run for reelection to the Senate. 
For Senate GOP leaders, the move is a political no-brainer. 
Rubio is a known quantity and an able fundraiser, and they believe he represents their best shot at keeping Florida’s Senate seat in the Republican column. 
For Rubio the question is tougher. 
Running for the Senate would amount to a significant political u-turn. He’s repeatedly railed against the ineffectiveness of the upper chamber and brushed aside questions about his lax attendance record. 
He could also be risking his political future on a Senate race that Democrats view as a prime pickup opportunity and is widely rated a toss up.”

Leave government to accomplish something

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