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Friday, June 10, 2016

Candidate kidnaps party and holds it hostage

How is it that candidate Trump kidnaped the Republican party and is holding it, hostage? 

There are few rules and defined expectations for political parties in the United States. They have meandered and morphed throughout history and voters appear to have been too busy with their lives to comprehend their role and purpose.

Donald Trump could have run as an independent or to adopt a political party. He chose to take Republicans on the condition that they are nice to him and to let him do as he wishes.

He adopted strategy and style that are befitting his personality. He started telling people years ago how he intended to garner a majority of American voters by essentially telling them what they want to hear. It doesn't matter that the message is racist or offensive because many people are aligned with the loose ideology and behavior. The approach has worked to corral like-minded people, even if doing so is askew and misaligned with American values and those held by some members of the Republican Party.

In the quest to win, many GOP members decided to support Trump as he is the only viable candidate remaining from the slog to the national convention. The trouble is that compromising to adapt to Trump undermines the integrity and erodes that for which some believe the party stands.

Political parties have a role to play at every level in the American political system that includes:

  1. Recruiting and nurturing candidates
  2. Vetting qualifications and credentials
  3. Establishing standards for the office
  4. Producing party platforms
  5. Gaining alignment between the party platform and individual candidate manifestos

Doing these things as a service helps voters to make more intelligent choices. It raises the standards for public office.

Now, since these things aren't going so well, it is time for political parties to audit their performance. It is time for parties to address how this work gets accomplished and the relationship between parties and their constituents and their candidates and incumbent office holders.

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